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Wine Tasting in Cape South Africa

Most people never think about wine tasting in Cape South Africa. Think again, there are some fabulous wineries if you enjoy wine. Most baby boomers do. We chose a semi private tour. We didn’t have to consider who would be the designated driver. Makes for a very relaxing trip. How does wine tasting & petting cheetahs sound?

Wine Tasting in Cape South Africa

petting cheetah south africaOur first stop was the Spier Wine Farm a dream come true for my girlfriend. There was a cheetah sanctuary right on the property and for a price you could go in and pet the juvenile cheetahs. They were all rescued for various reasons and were no longer able to survive in the wild.

Fairview Winery was established in 1693 & was really enjoyable. Known for the Goats Do Roam wines & a fantastic selection of cheeses. It’s a great place to pick up a bottle of wine, a chunk of cheese & some crusty bread for a little picnic on the beautiful grounds. While you are there take the time to learn about the story of Goats Do Roam wines & be sure to visit the goats who are often seen standing high above in their tower.

Wine tasting in Cape South Africa

Olive Oil Tasting South Africa

On our day long tour we had the option of another wine tasting or we could go olive oil tasting. We all enjoy olive oil, none of us had heard of olive oil tasting at the time.  Since then it has become quite fashionable. We ended up a Tokara. Located in the heart of Cape wine country, what a beautiful setting & a unique experience.

We were chauffeured around wine country in a nice passenger van, stopped for lunch in a quaint little town & we were given an education on Nelson Mandela as we briefly stopped by the prison entrance where he had been incarcerated. We returned to our hotel in Cape Town feeling relaxed. Fabulous memories to look back on.

Wine tasting in Cape South Africa was an unexpected, but exceptional surprise. A taste of what we would see on safari. If you enjoy wine tasting then this will be an experience to remembered. Drinking wine and petting cheetahs……where is that ever going to happen again?

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