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The Best of Capri

The island of Capri is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean. We spent just a day there so in order for you to get the most out of your visit, here is the best of Capri. We had booked a semi private tour of the island that had to be canceled not just one time due to bad weather and but also a second time due to rough seas. It happens. It all worked out for everyone in the end,

Third Time Is The Charm

We had 3 days in Sorrento to see the area. The first day it poured so heavily all throughout Italy that some regions were seriously flooded. We didn’t let the day go to waste though. We walked in the rain, shopped, had lunch and got massages. A perfect way to spend a rainy day if you ask me.

The second day that our semi private tour to Capri was canceled was a beautiful day. Unfortuneatly the sea was still very turbulent. We watched as a single ferry tried to make the crossing. Tossing back and forth, side to side, a decision made by all in our little group was to cancel this day too. We had one more day to try and we weren’t going to let this day go to waste either. Off to Pompeii we went……amazing place!

A Beautiful Day in Capri

The third time was the charm. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. The sea was still a bit agitated and I was somewhat concerned since I am prone to sea sickness. For the most part if the boat is moving forward, I’m ok. As it turned out all of us were fine, no one got sick in our small group.

Beautiful view of Capri Island from the harbor. Click HERE,

Getting Around Capri

There is quite a bit to see in Capri and if you only have a day, then you will want to make the most of your time. There are two beautiful towns on the island, Capri & Anacapri. You will want to see them both. You can walk, take a bus, ride the funicular up to Anacapri or if you have the time and you are particularly fit, you can take the stairs. The numbers vary, but there are approximately 920 stone steps between Capri and Anacapri.

stairs anacapri

We chose a tour primarily because we wanted to see as much as possible and didn’t want to spend time waiting in lines for transportation or even trying to figure our how we were going to get to where we wanted to be.

Start Early

It’s really important to get an early start to Capri. Capri is an extremely popular destination, it gets very busy there as the day progresses. We left on one of the very first ferries at 8 AM. Our guide was excellent, planning to avoid lines and crowds as much as possible. We headed quickly to where we boarded our airconditioned coach that was both comfortable and offered everyone a great view.

Anacapri & Mount Solaro

The road up to Anacapri and Mount Solaro is the road made famous in the movie Mamma Mia. It is quite aptly known today as the Mamma Mia Road. It narrowly winds its way up the side of the mountain. Narrow is an understatement when you think of the amount of traffic this road gets every day.

As we approached the top of the road there was a traffic jam of sorts when two large vehicles clearly did not seem to have room to pass each other. Our van hugged the rock wall to our right within an inch or two at the most as we watched them manuever their pass. It looked like an impossibility, but they made it and then had to pass us.

mamma mia road capri

It was early so Anacapri was very quiet. Our experienced guide recommended that we first take the chairlift up to the top of Mount Solaro for those who wanted too. Crowds were expected and the first thing they would do was head for this chairlift.

The ride goes straight up the side of the mountain and takes about 12 mins. each direction. If you are afraid of heights I can assure you that you are never very far off the ground. Each person rides solo in a chair. It’s so peaceful and the view is gorgeous!

chairlift mount solaro

Once on top you will be delighted by the 365 degree views of the stunning beauty. We spent about 20 mins up there looking off of every vista. There is a little cafe up on top if you are there during lunch. Patio dining with a view of Mount Vesuveus & Naples across the blue waters of the Mediterranean is spectacular.

mount solaro views

Back down the mountain we spent some time in the tiny town of Anacapri’s center. Our guide was right, the line now going up to the top of the mountain was quite long. That did mean for us that Anacapri was still quiet. We did some shopping and walked through the town center with lots of little shops. One sandal store is still the home of the man who made sandals for Jackie O.

jackie o sandal maker


Capri is the more busy and touristy of the two towns on Capri. It was approaching lunch time and crowds were swelling. Lots of very expensive shops and hotels to match. Capri sits hgh above the sea with exquisite views in all directions. A maze of tiny streets wind their way through this busy little town.

We took a break for lunch in a restaurant on the water side of the street and the view was stunning.

lunch capri

capri view

After lunch we took a long walk through the center of Capri and around to the other side of the island. The views are well worth the walk. The walk is about 45 mins round trip and I would call it easy with a few inclines. There was a woman probably in her late 70s and she was able to complete it in good time. You’ll find a couple of places to have some great gelatto along the way.

busy streets of capri

capri coast

Blue Grotto

Part of our tour would hopefully take in the Blue Grotto. That’s a real iffy part of any day in Capri. Really depends on if the sea is going to cooperate. The day we were there, it did not. Never the less, taking a boat around the island is still worth it.

If you took the walk around the back side of the island through Capri you would have seen the Faraglioni arch from high up. On your boat tour see will drive right through one of the most memorable sights around Capri.

Even though we did not get to go into the Grotto, we did get to see a stunning arch hanging low over the water. It was the clearest sapphire  blue water I have ever seen.

blue water capri

Around the far side you will also see where the rich and famous head for some privacy. Beautiful villas perched on the cliffs, with some of the craziest looking and no doubt crazy expensive boats and yachts.

Returning To Sorrento

We arrived on Capri early and with a full day behind us we return in the late afternoon, long before the lines began to form. The ferries were filling up at that. So if you don’t like spending your time waiting, go early and leave well before the last ferry back to the mainland. A day on the lovely island of Capri is well worth making every effort to see, even if it takes 3 tries to make it happen.

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