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Photography ~ A Great Escape During The Pandemic

New Photography Opportunities

The onset of the COVID pandemic squelched so many dreams and plans, not just for us, but for everyone. My photography turned out to be a major source of comfort during these difficult times. I carry my camera equipment everywhere we travel, but with travel restricted and isolation the norm, my photography could have ended. Yet it didn’t. In fact my photography turned out to be a blessing. Here is why.

Plenty of Time To Improve My Photography Skills

Having so much time in the house and alone, it gave me plenty of time to take classes and work on my post editing skills. Free time I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. I took what I learned from numerous YouTube videos, free seminars, a couple of paid course and started working on my own photography technique.

Envy on a Florida beach near sunrise CLICK for more information.

Isolating Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Go Outside

I love nature and wildlife and I consider myself primarily a nature and wildlife photographer. Getting outside is the perfect way to get some exercise, fresh air and capture some beautiful images using my new photography skills.

We are living in Florida for now having made the move from the California coast in August 2020. California has beautiful landscapes and seascapes and even a little bit of wildlife. But Florida, Florida has the most incredible wildlife and in enormous quantities.

My husband Timo and I started going out about 3 days a week and visiting some of the local wildlife preserves in our area and there are plenty of them. Carrying heavy camera gear we walked on average about 3 miles each trip. We saw and captured some beautiful images that we may have never seen or considered venturing to photography if it weren’t for this worldwide pandemic.

Great White Egret in morning light. CLICK for more information.

Travel Photo Expeditions

We even ventured out on a couple of wildlife expeditions. We searched out the very best wildlife reserves in the state of Florida. Traveling over 10 days, carefully isolating ourselves, wearing masks everywhere, using hand sanitizer, and eating outside, we had an incredible time and put on over 40 miles taking pictures, on foot! We have seen every wildlife preserve in Florida that was free and has a decent amount of wildlife and or beautiful landscapes.

Minimal “Gator” a perfect mirror reflection CLICK for more information,

My Photography Skills

I am really excited about my new found skills, but only you can judge if you feel I have learned so that it will catch your eye. I am working to find a photography style of my own. What I have come to realize is I am an artist and a photographer. I can’t really separate the two. Every frame I shoot is quickly laid out through the lens of my camera. I don’t usually do a lot of cropping, because I the picture I take is what I want in my final image.

I have learned to shoot with high ISO and super fast shutter speed. I am beyond happy with the results. The colors are rich and my final images are nearly identical to the breathtaking scene I was trying to immortalize for you.

I would love to hear what you think of what this year in the life of the 2020 COVID pandemic did in giving me the time to improve my photography skills. World travel wasn’t going to happen soon, but the enjoyment of what life has to offer wasn’t going to end as well. How did you improve during the pandemic?

5 thoughts on “Photography ~ A Great Escape During The Pandemic

  1. Oh Rebecca … you hit on the one reason I’d consider going back down to Florida … the amazing wildlife and gorgeous ocean and beach images!!! I’m not a hot-weather person … but oh, the birdies and the beaches that you have so so beautifully captured!!! And I agree … pandemic or not, getting outside with our cameras is bliss. Your images have always been spectacular … your new ones here are even more so!!! Keep ’em coming!!!

  2. Yes, you are right that photography can be a great source of comfort. I certainly missed overseas travel during the various lockdowns, but there are many places (and things) you can visit closer to home. I also practiced more with a drone taking my pilot’s exam (just before the lockdowns) but then getting out and taking aerial shots of the local town from various angles and locations. I also spent time learning about how to use Pinterest for marketing – that was a challenge but hopefully will pay off in the future. Great images, by the way! Would look good on someone’s wall!

    1. Absolutely! We did a ton of traveling around the USA. Right in the middle of the pandemic we traveled from California to Florida, visiting many national parks along the way, photography equipment our constant companion. Once we got to Florida we spent months on wildlife photography.

  3. Photography has been my great escape well before the COVID pandemic. It was my escape from being the primary care giver for my late wife who needed a great deal of care during her illness. It was only natural that it continued the role of stress reliever during the pandemic and became my primary source of peace and solitude after her passing last summer. Without doubt the pursuit of photography can be a very therapeutic activity. One can not help but improve their photographic skills when shooting frequently.

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