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Georges in Siem Reap

One of the memories that stands out about our trip to Cambodia was a little restaurant called Georges in Siem Reap serving French Creole Fusion. It got great reviews and it was an easy walking distance from our hotel, …

Georges multi cultural background is the inspriation for their unique take on food. The flavors of Reunion Island once his georges chutneyhome, combined with a French and Asian flare are the inspiration for the classic Creole cuisine. Their passion for food is clear from the moment you taste your first bite.

The chef, Georges son came to our table, explained a little about their background and the history of the restaurant. We learned that Georges has another passion, rum! A dozen different rums are distilled and infused with some delicious flavors right there on site. They also make jams, chillies, chutneys, sausage, tofu and so much more. So important to me is that they use organic ingredients.

We were then offered a wide selection of rums to taste. After a few tastes of the this yummy treat, our chef again returned to our table to offer his suggestions on dinner. He was curious if we were adventurous as he suspected we might be. Of course! He made his recommendation and that is what I got and my husband ordered another dish so we could share tastes.

We started our feast with an appetizer which included a selection of the jams and chutneys, while sipping on the cutest little glasses of rum.

My main course was called Romazava, a beef, pork and a very special Electric Daisy imported from Madegasgar. It was delicious and a fun and unique experience. The Electric Daisy! Our chef explained exactly what you are to do with it. Youelectric daisy cuisine take a teeny litte bite of it and instantly your tongue goes numb. Then you eat your meal with a numb tongue. Defineitly something I had never expereinced before. The dish was just amazing, even if you aren’t sure about the Electric Daisy, it’s with a try just for the experience and to say you did it.

The atmosphere was charming and fun. We highly recommend it and will without a doubt return to Georges in Siem Reap.

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  1. Thank you for visiting our restaurant. We are happy you had a wonderful dining experience. From Georges family and staff, we wish you all the best.

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