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Colosseum By Night

Everyone who goes to Rome goes to the Colosseum. Most take a tour. Maybe you have gone more than once. But have you ever seen the colosseum by night? A night tour of the colosseum will give you a whole different perspective. A major plus is that it’s not hot and there are no crowds. Baby boomers and families alike will appreciate learning the historical value that the city of Rome offers. We chose a tour of the colosseum that included seeing the underground, only offered at night.

Walks of Italy

We used Walks of Italy tours. They did a very nice job. They were there on top and information was top notch. A night tour of the colosseum with Walks of Italy includes entrance to areas not normally open to the public. You will visit the underground, walking the arena floor in eerie silence. You will hear the history of the Colosseum’s bloody past. In the shadows and the silence that will send shivers up your spine, you will contemplate those who waited in these cells and walked these halls.

colosseum night tour


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A Piece of History

The sounds of the wild animals & cries from humans echo through the stone corridors of the colosseum’s underground.


colosseum underground tour

You will learn up the gladiators who fought for their lives. As you walk out onto the arena floor you can imagine as they did, you look up, the crowds roaring in a frenzy waiting to be entertained. The price paid was human & animal lives.

For us a tour of the Colosseum was a time of contemplation. Considering the blood spilled on these grounds and the lives lost should hopefully challenge humans to think about what we look at as entertainment even today. May history never repeat itself in this way.

Ancient Rome

Your Colosseum by night tour will also include many of theĀ  ancient ruins, beautiful buildings, and monuments in the area around the Colosseum.

night tour colosseum

colosseum night tour

As you travel through Italy and while visiting Rome, seeing the Colosseum by night is a once in a lifetime experience. I promise you that seeing the Colosseum by night is an experience you will never forget. Be sure to book well in advance so that you don’t miss this amazing opportunity.


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