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Best Travel Apps for 2018

The world becomes a much smaller place thanks to some really great travel apps. These are some of the best travel apps for 2018 that you want to have on your Smart Phone.  New travel apps are created all the time, but here are my right now favorites. Travel plans have never been so easy

#1 Tripit organizes all of your travel plans into chronological order. then as events happen it removes them. Your flights, your hotels, excursions are all in one place. If there are any changes to your flights, you will be notified. Tripit collects travel plans from your email or you can forward reservations to Tripit. There is a Premium option that gives you additional ways of organizing your travel details. I find the Premium addition the most useful and it’s worth the cost for that convenience.

#2 XE Currency helps convert your international currency into the currency of your origination. Some countries are very close to the USD like in most of the EU or we found Thailand & Cambodia close enough that we did fine without needing a currency converter. But if you are newer at traveling abroad, you may find this converter will give you a bit of financial comfort.

Continuing on with our best travel apps for 2018:

#3 Hopper is great for helping you to keep an eye on air fares. You put your airport departure and destination desires, the dates you wish to travel and Hopper will keep any eye out for you 24/7. It will tell you when there are any changes and whether or not it’s the best time to buy or if you should wait awhile longer. If it recommends waiting it will inform you the amount the you could possible save by waiting.

#4 Train is an excellent app for booking train reservations around Europe. I’ve tried a few and found this one to be the most user friendly. After you’ve booked your eticket, store it right on your phone. No scrambling for a paper ticket when the conductor comes by. Also no need to scout out a printer when you are already on your vacation. Your train reservation along with all information including the number of the train car, even you seat assignment can then be added to the Tripit app for super simple access.

#5 Life360 is a must have if you travel abroad. If by some unforeseen circumstance you are injured, rendered unconscious your family will be able to locate you.

#6 CityMaps2Go is a lifesaver when you are in cities where Google Maps might fail you like in Venice. Venice has very narrow streets, some as narrow as a sidewalk. Buildings are at least 2 stories tall, often even taller. Plain and simple satellite based apps can’t see you well enough to keep track. Times like this, super technology isn’t always king. With City Maps 2 Go you have that but for those who have a difficulty seeing the tiny print on a paper map you can zoom in. Excellent back up

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