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Best Time to Visit Thailand

When you travel halfway around the world for vacation it’s not always easy to know when to go. If you are planning on traveling to Thailand, you are probably wondering when is it the best time to visit Thailand.

Thailand’s Climate

The climate in Thailand is moderate in temperatures all year around. Other than a light sweater for a rare cool night, it’s shorts and summer dresses all year long. Thailand is tropical and that means it gets a lot of rain, a real lot. The rainy season in Thailand runs from about July through October. Unfortunately, that is when most tend to travel…..the summer.


If however, you can adjust your vacation time, November through April offer the most delightful weather. Not too hot, not too muggy and more blue sky than anything else. You will find beautiful blue skies almost everywhere during Thailand’s winter months.

I recommend that you still carry an umbrella with you so you won’t be caught off guard. We were in Thailand in February and we had perfect weather, with one exception. When we flew into Phuket, it was pouring! In our world rain is never a problem, we see it as more of an adventure. It lasted a couple of hours, then it was over and we were back to beautiful weather.

rain in thailand

There are beautiful breezes that will cool things off nicely in the afternoons too. There is nothing like having spent a day at the beach, hiking or just strolling around and having dinner with a view with a gentle breeze.

The Tourist Crowds

Thailand is a very popular destination. It’s amazing and I totally understand why everyone wants to see it. The monsoon season starts in mid-June, so many travelers are put off by the rain. It’s still warm and usually, the rain comes in spurts. So if you aren’t someone who needs to have the sun all day at the beach, that might be a good time. Just be sure to be prepared for rain, because it will rain, you can count on it.

The Cheapest Time to Visit Thailand

Once you arrive in Thailand the cost of your stay can be very affordable. I would say for us, it was the least expensive destination we have ever visited. It was lacking in nothing. Flights are probably going to be your greatest expense. Holidays will be the most expensive time to fly.

Thailand’s low season is between March and October so flights will be less expensive. However in June and July, there you will see flights are quite expensive with kids out of school. I love the Hopper app, it helps me find the best flights. April and September could give you savings of as much as $500 compared to the peak season.

You will find this to be true with hotels. During the offseason. We went in February and March and stayed in some fabulous hotels for between $70 and $100 per night. One was the Pingviman Hotel in Chiang Mai. It was a beautiful boutique hotel with beautiful Thai decor.

There is never a bad time to visit Thailand. It really depends on your personal preferences. We don’t mind some rain, so that opens up more affordable airfares & hotels. But it is all about what makes you happy, it’s your vacation.


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