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Breathtaking Anza Borrego Wildflowers In Full Bloom

The 2018/2019 winter in Southern California brought more rain than we had seen in quite some time and with it came a super bloom of wildflowers. Having lived in Southern California for years seeing Anza Borrego’s wildflowers was something we always wanted to do but never had. This year with historical wildflower records expected, we finally made it happen. We saw Ana Borrego in full bloom and it did not disappoint!

Anza Borrego In Bloom CLICK for more information

The desert springs into bloom on its own schedule, so even after all the that the best we could determine, mid-March was as close as we could come to an actual best time to go. Turned out we did pretty well, the bloom was fabulous. We used the Anza Borrego wildflower page which has a little meter that tells you at what point you are in time based on the wildflower peak.

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