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Anti-Theft Travel Bags

Protecting your possessions while traveling is always a concern. It doesn’t have to deter you from traveling or relaxing. There are some great travel bags to keep your possessions secure while providing you with added peace of mind.  As travelers, we seem to kind of stand out. I don’t know, maybe it’s the backpack and camera hanging off of us…..just a guess. Anyways, we want to share with you our favorite anti-theft travel bags.

We always carry a backpack, but it’s always bothered me that they are supposed to be worn on your back where we can’t see. There are lots of pockets with lots of zippers. They also are made of a typical backpack fabric. Not very secure. No wonder you see people carrying their backpacks in the front. Protecting them as if they were carrying their first born child. That is old school, this is a new era.

The first time we used our anti-theft travel bag was while visiting Thailand and Cambodia. All that we had read was that both countries are extremely safe and crime is very low with the exception of some petty theft. This was the perfect place to try out our new stuff. Never had any issues in either Thailand or Cambodia, it was an incredible trip, you should go it you haven’t been. I will tell you this we were extremely happy to have our anti-theft bags in some other very, very popular destinations in Europe where witnessed a very brazen pickpocketer.

PacSafe Technology

We discovered PacSafe a couple of years ago and this is our review. Let me tell you they have the best anti-theft travel bags. Since we made our purchases, their selection of styles has grown substantially. They now have wallets, camera bags, laptop bags, portable safes, clothing and so much more.

Some of that you can purchase anywhere, but what makes PacSafe so unique? Where to begin.

One of my favorite features is the cut resistant technology. A favorite way for thieves to access your valuables is 1) to cut through the bottom of your bag and just let the goodies drop out the bottom. 2) Thieves also cut straps, grab and run.

anti-theft steel mesh

PacSafe uses eXomesh slash guards, a stainless steel wire mesh barrier preventing slash through theft. The mesh cage protects your bag’s contents like armor, only it’s much lighter. You won’t even know it’s there. That protects the interior of the bag, but what about the straps?

The straps are always another vulnerable spot. Also very easy to cut, grab and run…….unless you are the owner of a PacSafe. PacSafe uses the CarrySafe straps reinforced with steel wire, preventing cut and run.

The also offer Dyneema fabric in combination with the steel wire reinforcement in some styles for added protection.

PacSafe LockDown Technology

Love this feature too and can not tell you how often we use it. Like all the time. Imagine, an outdoor cafe and you want to set your backpack down or even your purse. But where do you put it? Pack of the chair, on the ground between your legs, foot through the strap? Forget that!

How about setting it in the chair right next to you. Maybe even in the chair closest to the street. That’s right and you even forget about it while you enjoy your latte or glass of wine.

PacSafe anti-theft travel bags have all these awesome locks on the straps. With a turn and lock hooks, you just secure your backpack, purse or another bag to the chair, a railing or post. They can’t cut the bag, they can’t cut the strap and not its attached to a fixed object or something too large to snatch and grab. Can you just imagine their surprise if they tried?

PacSafe Zipper Technology

What about all those little zippers on a backpack, purse or even luggage? PacSafe has that all figured out too. Every single exposed zipper has a clip. What pickpocket is going to want to fiddle around with your zipper? Many of the clips sink it to a tiny pocket after they have been attached making it more difficult to even see how the mechanism works unless you are familiar. Even if you are it will take an extra bit of wiggle to unhook that clip.

anti-theft zippers

PacSafe zipper technology even includes puncture proof zippers on their luggage.

Inside a PacSafe Anti-Theft Travel Bag

PacSafe doesn’t just stop at the outside, they have a few goodies on the inside too. How about RFIDsafe blocking pockets? This blocking material keeps items like passports and credit cards safe from RFID skimming by actually blocking card readers while inside of your PacSafe anti-theft travel bag RFIDsafe blocking pocket.

They have even added a secret pocket or two. So well hidden that sometimes it takes me an extra minute to remember how to get to those secret items and I know they are there.

PacSafe Style

PacSafe’s product line is constantly growing. Once they got the technology down, they started expanding to stylish looks. Now there is something for just about every style, with lots of color options.


So what do we think of PacSafe? Is a PacSafe anti-theft, anti-pickpocket travel bag worth it? Absolutely! We give them a 5 star and highly recommend them. They have done a great job with their product. Just so you know, we have not been paid for this review, we are merely happy baby boomers traveling and love sharing great travel tips.



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