I am Rebecca a self taught wildlife and nature photography. Actually I have photographed everything and even been published, but the largest part of my portfolio is by far nature inspired.

I have been married to my honey Timo for 40+ years. We have 2 kids and 5 beautiful grandkids. Timo and I share our passion for traveling and more recently, Timo has taken up photography too. We have had some incredible photography experiences together. You will see our work throughout our blog posts.

We had plans of retiring in Europe in April 2020, but COVID had other plans for the world. Our flight was canceled and so we went into a holding pattern along with everyone else. Our goal was to stay healthy and alive so we could hopefully become expats when this was over. We settled down in Florida, a place I never dreamed we would live, but here we are.

As I write this in June of 2021, we are again starting to make plans to head to Europe as the world begins to open up again. We are vaccinated (never wanted to do that either) so we can go as soon as we are ready. We had hoped to end up last year in the Normandy region of France and for now that is still the plan. We’ll see. We have become quite adept at this nomadic life and with haven’t even left the US yet where we lived in an AirBNB, with a friend, in a hotel, and with our son and now in a little apartment of our own after nearly a year of sleeping here and there. We try to keep smiling :}


Hope you will once again jump on board with us. We’ll share our travels and photography along the way. Had a lot of time to improve the skills and if it works out, I will share some great photography tips too.




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