Wintergreen Essential Oil for Pain Relief

Wintergreen is most commonly known as a flavoring to gum or toothpaste. But Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Wintergreen essential oil has far more to offer than just taste. An important fact: a true absolute wintergreen should not be consumed at all. Even so the health benefits of Wintergreen are wonderful when used topically and aromatically.


Did you know that the main chemical compound of Wintergreen, Methyl salicylate is the chemical foundation of aspirin, making up to 97% of Wintergreen’s chemical profile? However, the synthesized form of Methyl salicylate found in aspirin has many nasty side effects like gastric bleeding, liver & kidney damage, that are not found in a pure form of Wintergreen. But Wintergreen is still very powerful, just 1 drop is equivalent to a very large dose of aspirin. This would explain why Wintergreen is so useful as a pain reliever & anti-inflammatory agent.

During pregnancy you probably should look for other pain relieving essential oils. Wintergreen is a great alternative to Birch, because pure medicinal grade Birch is VERY hard to come by. Mix Wintergreen with other essential oils like Cypress, White Fir, Helichrysum & Peppermint for bone pain. Feel free to play around mixing your own blends to find the most effective mixture for you. Other oils that mix well with Wintergreen are a little Oregano, Frankincense, Clove & Rosemary, all good pain relievers, each working a little different from the other.

For bursitis I have personally found a blend called Past Tense to be very effective. The first ingredient in Past Tense is Wintergreen. For me it calmed things down right away and I was able to sleep better & the bursitis pain has almost completely disappeared in a couple of days.

For a sprain, try mixing 2 drops of Wintergreen, 4 drops of White Fur & 4 drops of Lemongrass & 6 drops of Cypress with a TBL of fractionated coconut oil. Apply to area….you will LOVE this.

Wintergreen applied to the outside of throat with some Lemon & Eucalyptus is a quick fix for a sore throat. Wintergreen, Cypress, Basil & Lavender will help with a stiff neck & shoulders.


For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome try some Wintergreen, Cypress, Marjoram, Lemongrass & Peppermint.

Wintergreen is a very useful essential oil, but respect it, is very powerful. Used in very large doses it can be toxic so pregnant women should avoid it. Do not use with small children or on someone who is epileptic. Because Wintergreen smells like many gums and candies, doTERRA has bottled their oil with a childproof cap and it’s probably still a good idea to keep it out of their reach.

I am not a Physician, just a wife, a mom, and a grandma who loves learning about essential oils & sharing with others the incredible things I have learned through my research, personal experiences & the experiences of friends and family.

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