What Is That Smell?

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I talked before about essential oils that could be used to replace other products we may use on ourselves and around our homes. One of them was using doTERRA’s Purify as a deodorant. I knew from personal experience how well it worked as a deodorizer but recently had a really amazing lesson on just how powerful this Purify REALLY is.

get rid of skunk smell

I had the opportunity to speak with a group in San Diego. The daughter of the host of this support group walked in through a closed door with her boyfriend and immediately I thought what is that smell? I got a strong whiff of skunk. My first thought was, “oh wow, there is a skunk close by outside”, and it just so happened there really was.

We got to talking about the skunk smell outside and this couple then told me that their dog had been sprayed the night before by a skunk to the point that the dog was actually wet! Yikes, apparently it’s skunk season in San Diego. Just a wiff is bad enough, but the boyfriend then told me that he had the smell on his hands and of course couldn’t get it off.

I started thinking what might neutralize this horrific smell for him? Ding! Purify! Thankfully I had it with me. I put a couple off drops of Purify on this young man’s hand. He rubbed it all over both hands. Immediately the skunk smell was gone!! How cool is that? Skunk smell, one of the most hideous smells and notably one of the hardest to get rid of was GONE! It was not deodorized skunk smell, but it was gone.

Of course he was quite happy, but was wondering if the smell would come back shortly. We were there together for about 2 hours, and afterwards he approached and said his hands still did not smell of skunk, but that he could still smell the Purifying blend!

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