Toxin Awareness in Personal Care Products

Upon learning about certified pure essential oils and their powerful ability to bring about changes in our bodies it has made me seriously consider not only what I consume even more than I had before which was really pretty clean, but now, also what I put on my body. Why? Because I now fully understand that what we put on us, goes in us. That is why toxin awareness in our personal care products is so important.

toxins in personal care products

Most of us have begun to think about the chemicals we use in our homes. Most chemicals generally smell kind of noxious, so we equate that smell with being harmful. Besides, they are not marketed to be used on our personal selves. That seems pretty easy.

However we tend to think a lot less about our personal care products, cosmetics and baby care products we slather all over ourselves and our children. The lovely feel and smell of these products can be deceiving and lull us into false sense of safety. With education, my thoughts have changed, and to educate you is my goal. Toxin awareness in my personal care products is just as important and I choose those products just as carefully as I chose my organic foods.

Our nature is to want to trust. Therefore we assume that because a product is found on the shelf of our local store or favorite department store, it must be safe. Right….aren’t they?? Evidence is mounting. “Cancer & health risk experts just concluded reviews that indicated mainstream cosmetics and personal hygiene products pose the highest cancer risk exposure to the general public, higher than smoking” (Cancer Prevention Coalition press release June 2012) Wow! Did you know that? I didn’t.

In 1989 at a government hearing on the safety of cosmetics, a House sub-committee called for the analysis of nearly 3,000 chemicals used in your cosmetic products you already may use frequently if not daily. The results were unsettling. Of those that were studied 884 were found to be toxic. Of those, 314 could cause biological mutations, and 218 could cause reproductive problems. There was acute toxicity by 778, risk of cancer tumors in 146 and skin and eye irritation in 376.

One of the greatest concerns is a common ingredient found in lotions, makeup and other personal care products, mineral oil. Mineral oil is toxic to the human body. Mineral oil is the same substance that kills marine life after an oil spill from a tanker or one of the platforms that drills for oil out in the sea.

There are several grades of mineral oil. At the bottom of the list you will find the oil we put in our cars. Cosmetic grade mineral oil is more purified. No matter what we are told, no matter how high the quality of mineral oil, the fact is, a good mineral oil does not exist for humans.

Mineral oil, a derivative of crude oil is not found in nature. The human body does not know what to do with it. Some of the side effects which seem to be so common today are personality changes, headaches, fatigue, memory loss, sleep disturbance, and even sexual dysfunction.

How often do you hear that these kinds of health issues are affecting someone you know, or possibly even yourself? Yet the gravest concern is that many studies of these oils are showing an increased rate cancerous tumor growth.

At this point in time the FDA is not required to test personal care products for their safety before being put on the shelf. It is not until AFTER enough people have been harmed that the FDA can then go in and remove a product from the shelf! Well thank you for that!

Mineral oil is by no means the only toxic chemical found in our personal care products. The image below will make you aware of ingredients to look for and avoid.


So what are we to do? As consumers we have no choice but to look after ourselves. Check for harmful ingredients that are common in personal care products like the mineral oil discussed earlier. Others ingredients to watch out for are petrolatum, artificial dyes, artificial colors and artificial fragrances. Products are often fragranced with commercial grade essential oils that can be full of chemicals, pesticides and fillers all their own.

Choose products that offer healthy ingredients. Look for products that have the proper pH, that are hypoallergenic, botanically based, never tested on animals, made without mineral oil or animal products. Look for products free of dyes or chemical fragrances.

Or you can do as I have done. I have cleaned out our cabinets and drawers, using only products that are organic or at the very least minus those cancer causing chemicals without all their toxins.

When I can’t find a suitable healthy replacement, I make my own. It’s actually kind of fun. We have a great deodorant soap, anti-dandruff/itch shampoo that we make on ourselves.

Take control of your health and that of your family. We can not continue to put these chemicals on us and on our children from the time they are born and not wonder why we are all so sick. Start small, but start somewhere.

My favorite makeup is 100 Percent Pure. So yummy! Pigments are actually derived from fruits and berries to give them their gorgeous colors. You can find a link just to the right in the sidebar.

A great resource I have found to help me find products that meet the criteria for promoting health and wellness that have been tested and reviewed here at the Organic Bunny.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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