The Causes of Cancer

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I remember as a child hearing the word cancer. Even then I recognized cancer was something to be feared. I also remember at some point that there was a battle to end cancer. That was decades ago and cancer is still a fearsome word and there is no cure in sight for most. A diagnosis of cancer can feel devastating and ultimately cost hundreds of thousands as you attempt to mount a defense.


Recently I watched a series of documentaries, The Truth About Cancer. Before watching this series I had always thought that if I got cancer I would use every option at my disposal. Both traditional western medicine and alternative medicine. But this documentary has really made me rethink all of it.

As a Health and Lifestyle Coach I lean heavily toward natural ways of caring for my health needs. However I have always felt that traditional western medicine has it’s place. After all most in my family would not be alive if it weren’t for traditional medicine. I have some incredible physicians in my life & I am so grateful for their direction as we have worked together as partners.

Having said that, let me tell you what has changed my thinking about how I personally would manage cancer if I had it.

Understanding how we get cancer in the first place is really key. We are not victims to poor health. We have a lot of control.

Read this next statement carefully and let it guide you in your quest for health and wellness.

We do not get cancer and then become sick. We are sick and then develop cancer.

What are the causes of cancer? Here are the primary 4:

  1. 18% of cancers start with infection. Some of these would be the Human Papillomavirus,  H Pylori (causes ulcers), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Epstein Barr.
  2. 23% of cancers begin due to obesity. 1 in 5 are insulin resistant.
  3. This is a HUGE cause for cancer. 41% of cancers are caused by our environment.
  4. 18% of cancers begin for unknown reasons. With just a small 5% of cancers being due to our genetics.

Take a look at those #s. That means that 82% of cancers are most likely preventable!!! Even if you happen to be among the 5% of those with a strong genetic family history of cancer, you are NOT doomed. There is an emerging science called Epigenetics where they are finding that with lifestyle changes you may be able to prevent your family genetics from becoming your destiny.

This is why as a Life and Health Coach I am so passionate about healing the whole body. You can change the outcome of your health. You are not a victim, you have control to a far greater degree than you realize.

These are the 7 essentials to improving your health.


  1. Let Food Be Your Medicine. There is an astounding connection between food and it’s ability to heal the body. Food has a huge impact on genetic expression. Sadly this wisdom has been ignored by the mainstream. If we eat food that has been made toxic or is lifeless, void of nutrition….guess what will happen to your body? Whole, fresh and organic foods will turn on a healthy genetic expression of our genes.
  2. Detox. The world we live in is very toxic. That can be difficult to avoid. That is why it is important to support the detox pathways and prevent toxins from entering our bodies as much as possible. Detoxifying the liver and colon, 2 of our body’s primary detox pathways will play a major role in improving health. Start taking steps towards removing toxins in your life.
  3. Balance Your Energy. Everything is made of energy. We are 1 billionth physical matter and all of the rest is energy according to Carlo Rubbia, winner of a Nobel Prize Laureate. That is why it is so important to keep that energy balanced & free from outside interference. Chiropractic, Massage, Yoga, Accupuncture and many other modalities will help you do so.
  4. Heal Emotionally. Learn to love yourself. Forgive yourself and others. Let go of the past and learn to manage your stress in a healthy manner. Those negative feelings cause feelings of uneasiness. For some time it has been recognized that these feelings can be a source of dis-ease. It is an established fact that stress impacts our health.
  5. Biological Dentistry. Having a healthy mouth is an important part of our overall health. If you have mercury fillings consider getting them removed by a dentist who is trained to remove this toxic metal from your mouth without further contamination to your body. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known on our planet and the effects on our health have been well documented.
  6. Herbs and Vitamins. The use of therapeutic plants has been well documented throughout history. In fact there are specific plant compounds that have been proven to prevent cancer. Taking quality vitamins in a healthy dosage will help fill in the gaps. There is no need for mega vitamins and their exorbitant costs. Your body can only use so much and sometimes an excess can in itself be harmful. A balanced food based supplement is important. If you would like to know the supplement that I use and recommend, please get in touch at or use the contact form below.
  7. Practice True Prevention. Have you ever thought about the potential problems that might be caused by pressure our breasts are subjected to during a routine mammogram? There is a growing consensus that this pressure may even rupture a cancer tumor, potentially causing it to spread more rapidly. Thermography can detect abnormal changes in breast tissue 5-8 years earlier than a mammogram. There are also blood tests that can detect developing cancers long before they are detectable by conventional methods.

Another way to prevent cancer is to avoid sugar. You might wonder, does sugar actually “cause” cancer. My research suggests that sugar as a cause of cancer is still debatable. What is clear is that cancer has a sweet tooth and loves sugar. Glucose is used as fuel for cancer cells.

A study was done on mice who were given human breast cancer. A percentage of these mice were also given a very high glucose diet and the rest a very low glucose diet. The results? After 70 days, just 8 of the 24 mice given the high glycemic diet survived. On the other hand 16 of the 26 on the normal glycemic diet survived and 19 of the 24 on a hypoglycemic (no sugar) diet survived. It appears clear that the consumption of less sugar slowed the growth of the tumors. That means the immune system has more time to do what it does best.

Finally, work on your gut health. Do you realize that 70% of your immune function starts in the gut. A healthy immune system starts in the gut believe it or not. Heal your gut by going back to the basics. Learn to cook real food again. There are so many problems with processed foods. Even the organic processed foods are depleted in nutrients needed to fuel your body.

It goes without saying, foods that contain additives are destroying your gut and with that your immune system. Eat whole fresh foods that you make yourself, starting with the raw materials. Toss the can opener.

Begin improving your health from the inside, because when your immune system is strong and you are truly as healthy as possible, cancer will have a much more difficult time taking hold in the first place.

Cancer prevention

If you would like help in cleaning up your life style & getting healthy, let me help you. Fill out the contact information below and I will get back to you as quickly as I can, so we can get you on your way to the new fabulously healthy, energized, & sizzling hot version of you.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The recommendations above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


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