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Lauren of San Clemente, CA is a talented artist. She loves painting, design and is the owner of an extremely successful salon, Wheeler Davis Salon.

I look forward every week to learning more & I love the simplicity of the concepts. I never realized how the choices I was making really affected me and that I am in control and it is up to me where my life goes. It is so nice to have the support and have an accountability partner, someone to walk through the steps with me. I recommend this to everyone in my family and all of my friends.

                  ~ Lauren, San Clemente, CA went on to open Wheeler Davis Salon



brett (2)croppedI have learned to make mind-body connections. I have heard the term over and over in my yoga classes and never seemed to fully understand it. After several sessions….I have made that connection and have become aware of what is lacking, whether it is physically, emotionally or mentally. I have struggled with Lyme Disease for years and this awareness I have learned brings tears to my eyes because I actually pay attention to what I need.

Whether it is sleeping in one day, waking early to work out on another or even letting myself have that little treat. Whatever it is, I address it, let it go and get right back on track. We all struggle, but by making that mind-body connection we become aware and don’t let it hinder us from achieving what we really want whether it is overall wellness or fitness goals. I still have more sessions and cannot wait to continue achieving my personal wellness goals. Thank you so much! ~ Brett, Orange County, CA went on to start FitBrett.


A weight has been lifted off my shoulders that I didn’t even know was there. I am so grateful to have you supporting me in becoming the happiest version of myself. ~ Brittany V.  San Diego, CA