Support Your Immune System

Remember as a child and you wanted to go play in the rain so bad. I know I did. But then your mom or maybe you grandma would say “no, you’ll catch a cold if you get wet and chilled.” Kind of funny. I don’t think that’s true, and I still love to play in the rain. What I do know is true is that you need to support your immune system. A strong, healthy immune system is vital for good health.

There is no one magic pill, or a single elixir that will keep you healthy. It is a combination of lifestyle practices that will support a healthy body, in turn it will support your immune system.

support the immune system

Eat Right

The first is the easiest and for most the most enjoyable part of staying healthy. Eating! Eat whole, fresh and organic foods. Why? Because processed foods become depleted in nutrients simply due to the processing itself. This applies to processed organic foods too.

Does it really matter if it’s organic? It’s expensive. I hear ya! Honestly it does matter. Why? Because when pesticides are sprayed on our foods, no matter how well you wash it, you can’t remove all of the pesticide. Pesticides penetrate just like they would penetrate our skin. If humans who spray pesticides on crops wear Hazmat suits and gas masks to protect themselves, why would anyone ever put that crop into their mouths?

It takes a little longer to prepare wholesome meals and it may not seem as tasty at first, but trust me when I say, give it some time. Soon you will be experiencing food in a way you never expected. Real food tastes incredible!

Plenty of Rest

sleep8-2Our lives are fast paced and self induced sleep deprivation is rampant. Our internal clock works with daylight hours. When it gets dark our body releases various hormones that cause us to feel sleepy. Today we are inundated with light. We can keep it light all night long if we chose and some of us do. There is the artificial light from the TV and electronic devices. We’re addicted. These light sources trick our body so it doesn’t produce those sleep inducing hormones required to calm us and prepare us for sleep.

Sleep is also vital for a healthy immune system. During sleep our body heals itself from all of the work it has done for the day. Without enough sleep our body begins to accumulate damage and systems weaken causing us to fall sick. An adult needs about 8 hours of sleep a night. How much are you getting?

To help you wind down, relax and settle into a restful night sleep, turn off the TV and the electronic devices. Quiet the house, curl up on the couch or in bed and read a good book. I enjoy applying Serenity essential oil blend to my wrists and behind my ears. The Lavender and Vanilla blend is soothing, calming and smells so nice.

Avoid Toxins

You are probably thinking, well of course. No one of us would deliberately expose ourselves or our children to toxins. Please just consider that most of the cleaning products and personal care products are loaded with toxins. Some of the worst cancer causers at that. Learn to read labels and avoid them as if your life depends on it……because it does.


Be sure to find a way to get some exercise. Lots of people go to the gym. Maybe that’s not for you. I prefer walking a mile or two a few times a week and I enjoy Pilates. Some find Yoga a nice work out. Both Pilates and Yoga can be done before bed for relaxation.

Digestive Health

You may not realize this, but 70% of our immune system starts in the gut! Most of us need to pay more attention to our gut health. Eating the proper foods will help, but mainting proper gut flora is really important. I have recently started making my own Kombucha which is full of natural probiotics. You can purchase Kombucha at the store. If you do, look for unpasteurized raw. If you can, learn to make your own. It tastes much better and costs pennies.

I also look to the Digestzen products. The Digestzen essential oil blend is very soothing to occasional tummy discomfort. I also LOVE the PB Assist for supporting gut health. It is also a probiotic, containing some supportive bacterial strains you will not find in Kombucha.

Immune Supporting Supplements

As hard as we may try to get enough vitamins from our foods, in this culture it can still be difficult. That is why taking nutritional supplements is important. It fills in those gaps we may be missing. I prefer the Life Long Vitality Pack. The benefits of these supplements would fill an entire blog post on their own. If you would like to learn more about how amazing they are, then please see the link above.

Immune Support Boost

Some times, like during the winter months environmental contaminants are at their height. I like to give my immune system that added support. For that I use OnGuard essential oil blend. OnGuard is a beautiful blend of very powerful essential oils. Wild Orange is an excellent cleanser. Cinnamon & Clove are supportive of blood sugar levels that are in the normal range. Clove is one of the strongest antioxidants found in nature. Clove has been used in oral healthcare for eons by dentists as a numbing agent.  Eucalyptus and Rosemary provide respiratory support. Rosemary also supports a healthy circulation and neurological function.

The OnGuard essential oil blend has evolved into a whole line of products. There are the little OnGuard beadlets, tiny little capsules that you can burst in your mouth. You can carry them with you anywhere. I try to carry them everywhere that I go. I find them especially useful when I fly.

The OnGuard hand soap is lovely. It smells incredible. I love the OnGuard Cleaning Concentrate. So many children are accidentally injured every year by dangerous cleaning agents. It’s so nice to not have to worry when all you have under the sink is OnGuard. There is toothpaste, OnGuard throat lozenges and more.

Respiratory Support

At times additional respiratory support is comforting. We use Breathe blend to help promote clear open airways. There are 3 Breathe products. The essential oil blend, Breathe lozenges, I love these, they work great and there is the Breathe stick. You can apply Breathe directly to the chest or under the nose. Feel the sensation, clear breathing.

Your immune system is your first line of defense. It’s your internal army. We need be sure that this army is strong and prepared to find destroy potential enemies. Work on the inside and out to support your immune system so that you enjoy a long healthy and happy life.

DSHEA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you would like help in making healthy choices as you adopt your new healthy lifestyle, please fill out the contact info below.


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