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Health is a REALLY big topic. People are always talking about getting healthy and there are 100s if not 1000s of ne diets introduced every year to help people to get healthy. There are fitness centers popping up on every corner like Starbucks. In one area near me, there a 3 major gyms within a half mile of each other and they are always busy. People trying to get in shape. Let’s take a reality check though to see how we are doing.

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I love statistics and here are some for you. The current state of our health really looks like this.

1 in 3 adults and 1 in 5 youths ages 6-19 are obese.

1 out of every 2 Americans will be diagnosed with a diet related illness. That means between you and just one of your friends, one of you will be diagnosed with a disease that is 100% avoidable with proper nutrition. Is it you?

1 in 3 born in 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime.

Guns taking lives is a big topic in the news these days. However did you know that unhealthy eating and a lack of activity kills 13 times more people than guns do?

It is believed that 95% of all cancers are avoidable. Genetics aren’t even the biggest factor.

And this is a very sobering statistic. This is the first generation in history where our children may not outlive their parents.

This is scary stuff! This is NOT ok! We are at the breaking point! We need to create change, because the last 30-40 decades of health care are not making us or our children any healthier.

So how can you do more?

There is a solution, you can make a difference!

Another diet isn’t the answer. In fact around here, we don’t believe in them. They aren’t fun anyways and they can’t be sustained. Besides, the fact is there is much more involved then just a diet obviously, since the last protien shake diet didn’t work. Our life history can set us up on a path of self destruction. You may not realize it is happening, because your history is such a part of your fiber, your very being.

You may end up on one diet trend after another. You may have developed a bonefide eating disorder and have feelings of self loathing. Your life runs at a non stop hectic pace and one day you realize this is not what you wanted in life. This is not where you want to be. You may be overweight, you may have skin issues and when you wake in the morning you no longer feel refreshed (if you ever did). Your body may be filled with aches and pains. Life is a blur and you may feel defeated.

Let me tell you, it is time for a revolution! You can step up and do something differently. If what you have been doing over and over is not working, then stop doing that. If the old way didn’t work, then let’s get you thinking in a new way, Transformational Nutrition.

shop whole and organic foodsYou may be asking, what is Transformational Nutrition? Have you ever heard the term, “what is old, becomes new again”? What is new is really a very old concept in fact ancient. It is the art of eating foods that are actually nutritious. These are foods that will naturally promote weight loss, health and vitality. You will learn to eat cautiously in order to cleanse the mind and the body.

These changes will be permanent! No more yo-yo.

You can’t just keep using old methods, we need to bring on the new. We all need to recognize that our thoughts play a huge role in how and what we eat. You need to heal your spiritual side too as you heal your body.

Transformational nutrition coaching blends all of that together in a cutting edge program. The results will be fast. You will be learning to eat nutritious foods that your body is begging for and begin working through thought processes that have developed over a life time that keep you stuck and repeating the same self destructive patterns over and over. If you are done counting calories and starving yourself and still feeling sick and tired then your are in the right place.

We will clear out the clutter together and with a clean slate, construct healthy patterns  in your life and thought processes that will be your permanent solution to the new fabulously healthy, vital, energetic and hot, hot, hot, new you. When you feel good,  your are unstoppable!

Don’t be a statistic!

Healthy Seniors

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