This is a awesome month to get started with doTERRA! There are 3 promotional offers that can be combined for crazy good savings. One will be perfect for you!

This month doTERRA is offering a full size bottle of OnGuard which an incredible blend of essential oils that has been proven to kill most bacteria on surfaces for up to a week & yet it is safe enough to eat and you are encouraged to do so. It is their immunity building blend. Plus you will receive a free full sized bottle of Breathe which is their resperatory blend. Stuffy nose all the time, you want Breathe, asthma? you may not realize it, but you need Breathe. These 2 bottles of oils together are valued at almost $70 retail. All you need to do is place an order of $200 PV or more and it is yours when you enroll.

Modern_Essentials_5thNow you can stack on top of doTERRA’s offer, Beyond Essentials offer of a free wire bound brand new 5th edition of the Modern Essentials book for placing at least a $100 PV order when you enroll. So even if you can not afford to participate in doTERRA’s promo this month you can still do our $100 PV enrollment offer! You may chose any products you wish and this book will guide you through your use of your new oils. This book is a power house of information, you will find pages of symptoms and essential oil recommendations for managing just about anything you can imagine. You will find yourself referring to it daily as you begin tiyr essential oils experience.

Family Physician Kit

For those of you who are ready to jump right in, than Beyond Essential is offering the Mother Lode of promotions again this month. If you place an opening order with an enrollment kit valued at $500 or more than you will receive a free Family Physician kit worth well over $100 retail. To find the perfect enrollment kit to suit your specific needs see HERE. If you choose to participate in this Beyond Essential promo than you would automatically qualify for doTERRA’s promo of the OnGuard & Breathe, plus you would receive the wire bound Modern Essentials book& the Family Physician kit and that is pretty close to $200 retail worth of FREE products and your $35 enrollment is included.

A brief recap: Enroll with $100 PV and you will receive the Modern Essentials book. Enroll with $200 PV and doTERRA will give you full sized bottles of OnGuard and Breath. Enroll with Enrollment Kit valued at $500 PV or greater and you will receive a Family Physician kit for free, PLUS you $35 enrollment will be included.

With doTERRA, you do not have to sell anything nor do you have to purchase a monthly minimum. You may order as often as you like, or never again. doTERRA wants you to return only because you see the value of these oils as a way to be proactive in managing your own healthcare in a safer, more effective and less expensive way than traditional medicine. If not….. you are free to walk away, no questions asked, no strings. But I promise, these oils will change your life. Are your ready? If you want to talk first or you want help enrolling, call me at 760-415-0942. But, if you are the do it yourself kind then…….


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  1. We have a 10 yo labrador that has chronic ear yeast infection. Suggestions??

    • For yeast, try 1-2 drops of Frankincense & Geranium around the outside of the ear. Moisten a Q-tip just a little, not enough to be runny and rub on the inside of the ear, DON’T go down the ear canal or let the oil run into the ear canal. Do that twice a day until the infection is gone.
      An extrenal yeast infection is an indicator of what is going on on the inside. Likely your puppy has candida everwhere. Focus on the gut, getting the gut healthy is a key to all health issues because that is where 70% of our immune system is believe it or not. All of the grains in dog foods really candida. Try to avoid it at all costs. Dogs are carnivors, they are not meant to eat that much grain. Add some probiotics to the diet too.
      My little dog had constant itchy ears to the point she would cry & was on daily antihistamines. I thought it was yeast, but it was not. Finally after 10 years of dealing with this, a vet told me it was food allergies. It was!! She was put on Royal Cannin allergy blend (I had already tried unteen other brands). This was different. Immediately her itchy ears disappeared, she came off of the antihistamines. I have since switched her to a raw food diet which has improved her health in more ways then I can count. She is just 5 lbs and gets her daily dose of essential oils.

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