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This is very exciting! For a limited time Rebecca Hintze is offering her 12 week online program Essentially Happy to all who become part of the Beyond Essential doTERRA family for free. This is a $297 program and it would be yours simply by enrolling on my doTERRA team with a $150 PV opening order of the most A-mazing essential oils on the planet. This promo can be added to any of the promos below, whether a special promo of the month or one of our regular ongoing promos.

I have completed 2 weeks of Rebecca’s Essentially Happy Online program and I highly recommend it. She is really good!

Essentially Happy

Rebecca is a 3 time international best-selling author and is considered an expert on family issues. In the nearly 2 decades of practising she has completed thousands of sessions, helping individuals break free of destructive family patterns.

Today Rebecca speaks to audiences around the world on overcoming destructive behaviors, healing family patterns, resolving health care issues naturally, supplementation and resolving family conflict.

Rebecca is a former broadcast journalist, having appeared on television and radio programs world-wide. She is a graduate of Brigham Young University and the University of East London School of Psychology.

We are fortunate to be a part of her doTERRA team as she works tirelessly to support her team around the globe. We invite you to become a part of our team and learn how you can become Essentially Happy.

April Promo 2015


deepbluepromo (2)HELD OVER until April 15th, doTERRA’s Deep Blue promo. Simply enroll with a $200 PV opening order and the Deep Blue rub AND essential oil blend are yours for FREE a $81.67 value retail.

mood-mgmntTo go along with Rebecca Hintze’s fabulous Essentially Happy 12 week course during the month of April, we are offering the “Mood Management 4″.  This gift to you includes 4 beautiful blends. Citrus Bliss, Balance, Serenity and Elevation. Each of these blends has its own strengths in helping with mood management.

mood-mgmnt2To receive this gift, you must enroll with a kit valued at $550 or greater. Not only will you be receiving additional savings with these kits, but your enrollment fee is included.

This Mood Management 4 promo may not be used in conjunction with any other promo being offered by Beyond Essential. If you chose to purchase one of the kits valued at $550 or above, you may choose to either receive the Mood Mangement 4 gift or the Family Physician kit you will find below.

For other kit options that would qualify you for this promotion, please see the link below.

Beyond Essential’s Ongoing Promotions

We also have some promotions at Beyond Essential. If you order a Home Essentials kit ($275) which will get you a savings of $86.00 and includes the enrollment …….

The Modern Essentials book is yours for free!


But maybe you are ready to really take a Deep Dive into doTERRA and want to save even more money? In that case if you order a Natural Solutions Kit ($550.00 that includes the $35.00 enrollment and a savings of $113.25) or larger kit and the following month you order a 100PV order at least 1 time on Loyalty Rewards where you will begin saving an additional 15%, Beyond Essential for doTERRA will also give you a Family Physician Kit.

The Family Physician Kit is yours for free.

family physician kitrs


Here is 150 Ways to Use the Family Physician Kit.

See all of your enrollment kit options HERE.

Offer #1 In A Nutshell

  • Order Home Essentials Kit ($275)
  • Save Additional $86.25
  • Place One $100 PV Loyalty Rewards Order Following Month
  • Receive Modern Essentials Book For FREE from Beyond Essential

Offer #2 In A Nutshell

  • Order Natural Solutions Kit or Greater ($550)
  • Save Additional $113.25 & Begin Loyalty Rewards Savings @ 15%
  • Place One $100 PV Loyalty Rewards Order Following Month
  • Receive Family Physician Kit For FREE from Beyond Essential

Not only will you receive these incredible incentives, but you will be joining a team that is devoted to helping families take necessary steps toward Health & Wellness. In case you might have forgotten what that feels like…Health & Wellness feels crazy good!

When you are ready to do this, this month, give me a call and we can get you all set up. 760-415-0942. We can chat and I answer all of your questions beforehand. Or if you are comfortable you can enroll yourself below. In order to receive the additional incentives that Beyond Essential is offering you will need to enroll as a Wellness Advocate, so make sure the correct button has been marked.


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