I feel like doing a promotion this month! I love to do a really good promo at the same time doTERRA has one of their incredible promotions. This is an enhanced enrollment promo if you join our Beyond Essential team. First take a look at doTERRA’s offer this month.



How to use Immortelle HERE. There are a countless ways to use Immortelle beyond what is mentioned.

Simply put, to receive this $92 bottle of Immortelle you must place a $200 PV order with doTERRA. As if that is not good enough incentive, I have some goodies of my own. If you enroll through BE with at least a Home Essentials KIt ($250.00 that includes the $35.00 enrollment and a savings of $41) and the following month you order at least 1 time a $100PV order on Loyalty Rewards where you will begin saving an additional 10%, I will give you a Modern Essentials book! With the ME book you will have all sorts of information to guide you through the world of essential oils.



The Modern Essentials book is yours for free!


But maybe you are ready to really take a Deep Dive into doTERRA and want to save even for money? In that case if you order a Natural Solutions Kit ($550.00 that includes the $35.00 enrollment and a savings of $89.30) or larger kit and the following month you order a 100PV order at least 1 time on Loyalty Rewards where you will begin saving an additional 15%, I will also give you a Family Physician Kit.


The Family Physician Kit is yours for free.

family physician kitrs


Here is 150 Ways to Use the Family Physician Kit.

See all of your enrollment kit options HERE.

Offer #1 In A Nutshell

  • Order Home Essentials Kit ($250)
  • Save Additional $41
  • Place One $100 PV Loyalty Rewards Order Following Month
  • Receive Modern Essentials Book For FREE

Offer #2 In A Nutshell

  • Order Natural Solutions Kit or Greater ($550)
  • Save Additional $89 & Begin Loyalty Rewards Savings @ 15%
  • Place One $100 PV Loyalty Rewards Order Following Month
  • Receive Family Physician Kit For FREE

Not only will you receive these incredible incentives, but you will be joining a team that is devoted to helping families take necessary steps toward Health & Wellness. In case you might have forgotten what that feels like…Health & Wellness feels crazy good!

When you are ready to do this this month, September 2014, give me a call and we can get you all set up. 760-415-0942. We can chat and I answer all of your questions beforehand. Or if you are comfortable you can enroll yourself below. In order to receive the additonal incentives that Beyond Essential is offering you will need to enroll as a Wellness Advocate, so make sure the correct button has been marked.


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2 Responses to Promotions

  1. We have a 10 yo labrador that has chronic ear yeast infection. Suggestions??

    • For yeast, try 1-2 drops of Frankincense & Geranium around the outside of the ear. Moisten a Q-tip just a little, not enough to be runny and rub on the inside of the ear, DON’T go down the ear canal or let the oil run into the ear canal. Do that twice a day until the infection is gone.
      An extrenal yeast infection is an indicator of what is going on on the inside. Likely your puppy has candida everwhere. Focus on the gut, getting the gut healthy is a key to all health issues because that is where 70% of our immune system is believe it or not. All of the grains in dog foods really candida. Try to avoid it at all costs. Dogs are carnivors, they are not meant to eat that much grain. Add some probiotics to the diet too.
      My little dog had constant itchy ears to the point she would cry & was on daily antihistamines. I thought it was yeast, but it was not. Finally after 10 years of dealing with this, a vet told me it was food allergies. It was!! She was put on Royal Cannin allergy blend (I had already tried unteen other brands). This was different. Immediately her itchy ears disappeared, she came off of the antihistamines. I have since switched her to a raw food diet which has improved her health in more ways then I can count. She is just 5 lbs and gets her daily dose of essential oils.

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