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Finding out you’re pregnant is a very exciting time. Looking forward to bringing a new life into the world, the dreams for the future, the coming smiles, little toes and tiny giggles can sometimes be overshadowed by concerns of the impending labor and delivery, nursing your newborn, getting your body back into shape and the possibility of emotional mood swings.

It is vital that the mom to be take excellent care of herself in the months preceding the delivery of her new child. This is why its important to know the pregnancy, birth & postpartum essentials. During this time she is completely responsible for the new life growing within her. Making wise food and lifestyle choices is imperative for a healthy outcome for both mother and child. Get plenty of rest or as much as you possibly can if you have other children. Eat wisely, it is important to get plenty of protein, a variety of green leafy vegetables. Don’t forget to keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Strive to drink about 3-4 quarts of water every day.

essential oils for pregnancy, birth & postpartum

Getting enough nutrients from our modern diet is not always as easy to do as you might think. I always recommend a good multi nutritional supplement and my favorite is the doTERRA Microplex MVp. Unlike so many supplements on the market today, Microplex MVp is a wholefood supplement. Whole foods are much better used than a synthetic supplement. Your body knows what to do with whole foods. Microplex is an excellent source when combined with a healthy diet to fill any possible nutritional gaps.

Many women are turning to the use of essential oils in order ease some concerns and normal discomforts associated with a healthy pregnancy.* First of all let me say that I only recommend essential oils that are therapeutic grade quality and that have been tested and certified for their purity. This is why I recommend only doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade CPTG essential oils. When you are sure of authenticity and potency, you will never have to worry about unwanted chemical residues, nor will you have to guess or worry about whether you are using to much or not enough. Adulteration of essential oils is a real problem, so educate yourself.

During the 1st trimester, Cardamom, Ginger or Peppermint are excellent choices for aiding in digestion*.

During the 2nd trimester doTERRA’s Immortelle when combined with fractionated coconut oil and rubbed on your growing tummy is soothing and softening, improving the appearance of fine lines*.

During your 3rd trimester the citrus oils like Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit are cleansing and will further support your digestive system*.

Laboring is the expected conclusion to every normal pregnancy. This is the moment you have been waiting for and there is no turning back now. Labor is hard work.  When laboring begins a mom must be present emotionally, mentally, physically and in spirit. Essential oils have a beautiful way of bring all of these in to balance.

Using essential oils during labor as a massage is an excellent way to sooth and comfort mom. A carrier oil will help spread the oils nicely and can also reduce the intense aroma which some may be sensitive to during heavy labor. A very small amount goes a long way. A couple of drops will do the trick.

Essential oils to have on hand during the birthing process (labor & delivery) are:

Clary Sage: Clary Sage is considered a uterine tonic & will support normal uterine contractions. Clary Sage can be helpful during anxious moments, calming, relieving feelings of tension*. Clary Sage blends well with other oils like Geranium & Lavender.

Geranium: Geranium essential oil is good for various laboring techniques focusing on breathing and soothing expected discomforts associated with a normal birth. The Deep Blue Blend is also an excellent choice for relaxation, soothing the mind and body. During labor we tend to carry a lot of tension in the neck and shoulder area. Massage these areas with either diluted Geranium or the Deep Blue Blend to sooth tension*.

Basil: Even normal labor & delivery can be and often is quite lengthy. Basil essential oil is great for endurance, also helping to sooth some of the normal discomforts expected. The further a mom gets into the delivery process it can become more difficult to stay focused as normal discomforts become more intense. Basil massaged on the low back is very soothing*.

Black Pepper: Black Pepper works in a very similar way to Basil and when applied to the low back with a quality oil like fractionated coconut oil can be very helpful*.

Lavender: For setting the mood in the delivery room, there is nothing the beats Lavender. Lavender is calming and soothing, bring feelings of softness to your home or even into the a hospital setting. Lavender combines beautifully with Wild Orange & a favorite, the grounding blend, Balance.

Citrus Bliss: This citrus blend of essential oils combines all of the citrus oils along with Frankincense and is fabulous for diffusing. It is very good at cleaning the air where environmental threats tends to linger*. It is naturally uplifting & refreshing, bring positive vibes to the room.

Myrrh: Myrrh essential oil will support normal healthy contractions*. An excellent combination it to combine Myrrh with Clary Sage essential oil.

Peppermint: Peppermint oil can help to alleviate those moments of feeling anxious*. Applied to the low back or the back of the neck, Peppermint is very cooling.

Elevation Blend: Just as it sounds, Elevation is the Joyful Blend & can set a joyful mood. After all, bringing a new life into the world is a very  joyful experience when all is said and done. Elevation is uplifting and calming. Giving birth can be an overwhelming experience for mom and those feelings can sometimes slow things down. Elevation will energize and uplift*.

Serenity Blend: This blend was created to reduce stressful moments like this by calming and creating a sense of well-being. It will create feelings of love between mom, dad and the new baby*. If you aren’t someone who loves the smell of Lavender, this blend may very well satisfy your senses. Lavender combined with Vanilla is one of my favorite aromas, even though I don’t particularly care for the smell of Lavender by itself.

Here are some ideas once a normal labor has begun.

Soothing Labor Blend

  • carrier oil
  • 5 drops Ylang Ylang
  • 4 drops Helichrysum
  • 4 drops Cypress
  • 4 drops Black Pepper
  • 2 drops Peppermint
  • 2 drops Clary Sage

Massage into the inside of the ankles, lower back & lower abdomen to sooth an uneasy feeling and some of the normal discomforts associated with laboring.

Focus Blend

  • Combine equal parts of Wild Orange and Peppermint and diffuse.


Essential oils for postpartumThis is your time. Your labor of love is over and it is now time to pamper yourself and bond with your tiny bundle. As you and your little one meet for the first time, this is special, a time like no other. It is a time that you can never repeat so cherish these moments.

However, you body has gone through tremendous change and there are more changes to come. It will take time to recover and find balance again.

After life returns to normal and the newness wears off, your body will continue to make repairs and work to at regaining a normal balance. For some emotions can run high, feeling a little weepy or let down is fairly common. Sometimes a good cry makes everything feel better. Balance, the grounding blend is very calming when you are feeling overwhelmed. Apply it daily to the bottoms of the feet. You can even apply some to the bottoms of babies feet, after all, their world has changed in a big way too*.

For new dad’s looking after mom, a massage to her feet using Deep Blue will help her release tension and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

No matter if this is your first or another of many, every new mom needs all the support she can get. Balance will help you stay focused as your body continues to recover from it’s monumental effort.

Peace & Calm Diffuser Blend

  • In equal parts
  • Geranium
  • Lavender
  • Sandalwood
  • Ylang Ylang

If you had a cesarean, the Anti-Aging Blend will help minimize the appearance of scaring. Apply twice a day.

Essential oils for postpartum & breastfeedingBreast Feeding

Peppermint is an oil that you may want to avoid during breastfeeding due to the potential of decreasing a normal milk supply.

If nipples become mildly tender you may find Myrrh, Geranium or Sandalwood to be soothing*. Apply diluted or not, right after nursing. There is no need to wash off before nursing later. You might like Lavender or Roman Chamomile too.

Mood Swings: Lavender and Elevation mixed with a carrier oil can be very helpful. Apply it to neck, the wrists and behind the ears*.

Temporary Sleeplessness: Lavender, Ylang Ylang & the Serenity may just do the trick. Massage any or all 3 with a little carrier oil on to feet (if you can still reach them, if not ask your hubby). They can be diffused or spritz a little on to your pillow*.

Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks: Mix 1 cup of fractionated Coconut oil, with 2-3 drops each of Helichrysum, Lavender & Frankincense. Add some Vitamin E & Vitamin A from capsules. Apply a couple of times a day at the first sign of stretch marks or even earlier as a preventative*.

So there you have it, hopefully these little tips will support your normal delivery bring you feelings of elation, peace and comfort.

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*DSHEA disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you would like help in making healthy choices as you adopt your new healthy lifestyle, please fill out the contact info below.

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