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If you have been following Beyond Essential for any length of time you know that I strongly favor Green, Clean products. I am frequently asked what some of my favorite things are. So I decided to compile a list for you.

If you are just getting started making healthier choices then I believe this will be a good place for you to start. These are products that I actually use around my home and for my personal care and beauty products. If I find something I like better I will update it here.

favorite organic makeup, body products and cleaning products

The trend towards healthier products is growing rapidly and that is a good thing. However it can be a bit overwhelming for someone just getting started at the same time. Not every product I use at this time is 100% organic. Sometimes a decent organic replacement is not available.  The products I use besides many of them being Certified Organic are free of toxic, unwanted, harmful chemicals.

It’s important to learn to read labels and avoid what is know as Greenwashing. Greenwashing is something done in order to make products appear as if they are organic, eco-friendly or toxic free. It’s important to continue aware as some companies actually change their ingredients, even adding ingredients you may not want.

I am always looking for new products to continue improving the health of my home and family.

Natural & Organic Beauty

Facial Primer – 100% Pure

Contouring Translucent Powder – Aubrey Organics

Concealer – RMS un-Coverup

Eye Shadow – 100% Pure

Mascara – Tarte Splashes

Blush – 100% Pure

Lip Gloss – 100% Pure

Lip Balm – EOS Organics


Healthy Facial Skincare

Cleanser – Coconut Oil with Melaleuca & Frankincense Essential Oils

Facial Exfoliation – Reveal 2 part exfoliating system

Toner – Verage

Moisturizer – doTERRA Hydrating Cream

Puffy Eye Creme – 100% Pure 

Tightening Serum – doTERRA

Everyday Facial Sunscreen – Coconut Oil


Natural & Organic Body Care

Body Wash – 100% Pure or Deep Steep

Body Oil – Nourish Organic Cream to Oil

Lotion –

Body Butter – Bumble & Bee

Body Sunscreen – Beauty by Earth

Self Tanner – Beauty by Earth

Deodorant – Bumble & Bee Pit Putty

Toothpaste – doTERRA OnGuard

Oil Pulling – Coconut Oils & Essential Oils

Shampoo – ShiKai Color Reflect

Conditioner – Giovanni 2 Chic

Hairspray – Giovanni LA Hold

Perfume – Essential Oils – Passion – Cheer


Natural & Organic Household & Misc

Laundry Detergent – BioKleen

Laundry Booster – Borax and Washing Soda

Laundry Freshener – Purify

Hand Soap – doTERRA OnGuard

Dish Soap – Seventh Generation

Glass Cleaner – GreenShield Organic

Furniture Polish – Daddy Van’s

Cleaning Product – doTERRA OnGuard Cleaning Concentrate

Tub & Shower Cleaner – BonAmi

Carpet Freshener – DIY

Air Freshener – Diffuser with essential oils


Toxin Free Storage Containers

Hot Lunch to Go –

Pyrex –

Water Bottle –

Stainless Steel –

Plastic Wrap Replacement –


Nutritional Supplements

Multi Vitamin – MicroPlex MVP

Magnesium – Mag Glycinate

Probiotic – PB Assist

Essential Oils – doTERRA

CoQ10 – Jarrow Ubiquinol







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