Lyme Disease & Essential Oils


This is my experience with Lyme Disease & essential oils, but first let me tell you a bit about myself. I have suffered from Lyme disease for most of my adult life, having likely been infected when I was about 12 or 13. There were subtle signs early on, but things started really going downhill after the birth of my second child. I eventually became so sick that I looked like an anorexic, my color was gray and my hair was falling out. When I finally found a Lyme specialist in New Mexico I was given the usual symptoms list to check of what were my issues. I checked off nearly every symptom on the list with the exception of testicular pain, but that goes without saying, I am a woman. There were problems I had that were not even on the list.

I am grateful for not only that Lyme specialist but for the doctor I have been seeing for 20+ years. Even though he was not the one who found the Lyme he did believe that I was sick and treated me for other infections like Mycoplasma which I later realized was a co-infection of Borrelia Bergdorferi one of but just a few spirochetes that affect humans here in the US. Without knowing it while killing the Mycoplasma with antibiotics we were actually killing the Lyme too. At the time I was very sick and am not sure how much longer I might have lived without that intervention.


I have been a work in progress over the course of many years, constantly searching for more healthy ways to fight this. You see it isn’t just me, without knowing I was even really sick, I infected both of my children, who may have gone on to infect their children, my grand babies. I have also infected my husband. After we discovered I had Lyme, my mom who had similar symptoms was also diagnosed with Lyme by my Lyme specialist. My dad who years after my mom and myself became sick also started showing the same symptoms. He passed away at just 67 before we were given our diagnosis. We suspect he also had Lyme.

In my struggle to stay upright I have tried many things and spent a lot of money and have seen a lot of doctors. The result was, very little made much of a difference. The natural remedies of which I lean toward could be counted on a few fingers. About 18 months ago now I was introduced to essential oils. I have to admit, I was more than disinterested. I had been offered many “snake remedies” in the past and these oils just looked like more of the same. My friend was persistent and eventually I decided to attend a doTerra essential oils class. Honestly I was hoping if I went she would just leave me alone after that.

Before I attended the class, I stopped by her house. I wasn’t feeling to good, I had been experiencing that internal vibration many of us experience and I had a bit of a headache. She applied a little drop of Ylang Ylang on the inside of my wrists. Didn’t really enjoy the smell as I was pretty sensitive to smells, I played along, but inside I was thinking, “what ever”. Then about 10 mins later I realized that the buzzing/vibration had stopped. Was this just a coincidence? My interest was piqued.

I went to the class which was small so I was able to ask all the questions I wanted and boy did I ever. I grilled them, but they were patient and just kept explaining and explaining. I ended up wanting 2 oils, that Ylang Ylang stuff and Frankincense which they said was the best thing for inflammation. And that is the beginning of how my life and the life of my family has been changed by doTerra’s essential oils.

It took me several months to even tell anyone about my new find. I am pretty skeptical and I needed to be sure, but within 5 months I was off of a sleep medicine I had been on for 17 years. The inflammation that occurred in my feet, running up my calves every day, disappeared with a couple of applications of the Frankincense. That vibrational buzzing, I have not had it once since the evening my friend put some on my wrists at her house. When I started using the oils, I was on 5 medications mostly to manage symptoms, and with my doctors approval I am off all of them with the exception of my heart medication. But, the good news is, I am down to 1/3 the dose just 1 time a day rather than twice.

My # 1 recommendation for dealing with the symptoms of Lyme is Frankincense. Taken internally for overall reduction in pain and inflammation or topically to specific areas. Ylang Ylang is a very close second for calming an irritable nervous system and you may find it helpful for palpitations so common in us. At the very least these are my daily go tos. But you may find Peppermint and Lavender helpful for headaches too. If migraines are an issue, a little Frankincense on the roof of the mouth can have amazing results. There is an oil to help manage almost any symptom, like sleep which is usually a huge problem for us.

Then there is the good old Lyme protocol. The oils I just mentioned for symptoms are not going to kill the Lyme, but the Lyme protocol will. The Lyme protocol consists of Oregano, Cassia, Clove, Thyme and if you can afford it Melissa. All of these have very powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THEM! They will bring on a very strong herx as the Lyme begins to die, so proceed slowly. But the really good news is, that while killing the Lyme it is not wiping out everything else good in your body like antibiotics do. Essential oils are very selective and can do something antibiotics can not and that is pass through the cell wall. Lyme often hides within cells, one factor in making Lyme so difficult to treat. Antibiotics can not go there. With EOs that is not a problem, so Lyme has nowhere to hide.


Another oil you may want to consider adding to this mix is Melaleuca. This is an oil I have added to my Lyme protocol personally. The reason is biofilm. Biofilm in Lyme Disease is a more recent discovery. Biofilm also renders antibiotics pretty useless. Biofilm is a gel like coating that Lyme coats itself with. It will actually form colonies with other organisms to protect itself in this biofilm. Melaleuca is good at breaking down biofilm, leaving the Lyme spirochetes more exposed to the Lyme protocol.

As I mention, this protocol is powerful, do not underestimate that fact. Proceed slowly to see at what degree you will experience a die off. Start slow and you can always increase. In my experience and from research I have done, to large of a die off can cause a lot of damage due to inflammation in itself and we don’t need any more of that. So don’t herx so badly that you are flat-out on your back or end up in the hospital. You might consider pulsing as I have done. I did M-W-F for a while and then because the Lyme ketes are so smart and know when they are under attack, in which case they may just go dormant as a protection, I may switch things around and do something different like take my oils at night rather than in the morning or go 2 days on and 2 days off. Just don’t hold a consistent pattern for to long. Use the element of surprise.

Remember this is my experience that you might find helpful. Do not go off of any medications without consulting your doctor. Essential oils should not conflict with any medications you are already taking, but again just run it by your doctor. Besides it will be good for him to witness and document what is about to happen!

I do not recommend the use of any other essential oils other than doTerra. Only doTerra certifies every liter of their oils to ensure their purity, consistency and potency which is all extremely important when trying to manage your Lyme with essential oils. Every single bottle is certified to be exactly the same as the bottle you used last or the ones you will use in the future. This is important as you determine just how much of an oil you need to use.



See the Lyme Protocol HERE

I am not a Physician, just a wife, a mom, a grandma and someone with Lyme who loves learning about essential oils & sharing with others the incredible things I have learned through my research, personal experiences & the experiences of friends and family.

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76 Responses to Lyme Disease & Essential Oils

  1. Thank you so much for posting this information. It gave me some additional information for focusing my efforts on natural healing approaches for fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. I contracted Lyme years ago before it was a recognized diagnosis in NC and consequently did not receive the recommended antibiotics until after almost 8 months of multiple symptoms, including the worst rash of my life, persistent flu-like fatigue, severe joint pain and clicking, and changes in vision. Now that I am in my 60’s and have been under stress for several years due to a number of situations, arthritic pain & polyneuropathy have been occurring with more frequency; I believe some of the problems are residual effects of Lyme Disease. I have faithfully used Shaklee supplements since I was 30 to maintain general health and energy, but I just started experimenting with doTERRA EO’s this year & feel they are providing some noticeable benefits. Will try your recommended protocol now that I have most of those oils in my doTERRA box.

  2. @Cathey, sorry you have Lyme, but glad you found this information. It has made so many positive changes in our lives. Please come back and share your experience so others might benefit as well.

  3. Cathey,
    My grandson, age 18 months, was just diagnosed with Lyme. What protocol would you suggest? He is approx. 20 lbs. They currently have him on antibiotics (the same kind you would use for ear infections) for 30 days. His momma is going to get a second opinion because she is nervous about the damage the antibiotic will do to his little system. We hope we caught it early, but would like to supplement oils to make sure his immune system stays up and kill the virus as well. I am a new doTERRA concultant, so my knowledge is limited.

    Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thank you so much for posting your story.

    • I will no longer be using antibiotics to kill the Lyme, neither does the rest of my family. We am using the protocol as needed, we are all way past where your grandson is and are chronic. For a child you might want to try mixing the Lyme Protocol in a little roller bottle and dilute it with some fractionated coconut oil. Then rub it on the bottoms of his feet at least once a day if not twice for several weeks. Then put some socks on to prevent him from transferring the oils to another location where it might be uncomfortable due to the hot oils in the protocol. It amazingly causes no discomfort on the bottoms of the feet.

      I would then look into a good probiotic for kids. doTerra’s PB Assist probiotic is awesome, but not something you could get into an 18 month old. It is fairly common knowledge anymore that one of the great dangers of antibiotics is that they will kill everything good along with the bad, like the healthy bacteria in the gut. Our health starts in our gut and we need those good bacteria to maintain good overall health. Also I would add the chewable multivitamin.

      Unfortunately your little guy will always be at risk from here on out for the nasty Lyme symptoms to appear throughout his life. I have 5 grandkids that also have this potential having parents with Lyme Disease. Three of them are already treated like they have Lyme for sure. They are feed organic, they avoid sugar most of the time, are very active outside and use essential oils on a daily basis. All we can do is to try and keep the little Lyme ketes at bay, in a dormant condition. Keeping them as healthy as possible throughout life will give them a best shot at doing so.

  4. Hi. I am wondering if you take the Lyme Protocol internally or rub on the feet?
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    • They would be taken internally. It is quite a bit of oil, so it would be difficult to get that much applied to the bottoms of the feet. I just purchase gelatin capsules from the healthfood store. Use the gelatin caps if you can, veggie caps will degrade very quickly. The gel caps, you can actually prepare a few capsules ahead of time and they will hold the oil.

      Not all oils are suitable for ingestion, that is why I recommend doTerra. You can take a look at some of the tip brands at the healthfood store, including organics and most will say something to the effect of “not for ingestion”. doTerra is the only company that actually certifies their oils to be pesticide and chemical free. Their authenticity and potency is also verified in the same outside lab. This all insures that you will be ingesting a safe product and that you should expect the same results bottle after bottle.

  5. Thank you for your article it was very interesting. I have just begun to do some research on oils for lyme (which I have) I found a few other articles that talk about some studies done on which oils break through the biofilm but I have not found any references to the studies. Are you able to direct me to how we know that Melaleuca or other oils break through the biofilm? Also do you know what breaks through the cyst from of Lyme? Thank you so much for your help.

  6. I also would like references for the effectiveness of Melaleuca on Lyme biofilm as well as the Lyme protocol you reference using essential oils. I would like to try the protocol, but can’t find it. Thank you!

    • There are quite a few references. Here is one from PubMed an excellent source for real medical abstracts HERE
      Another is HERE
      There is a bunch of stuff. Do a Google search using “melaleuca essential oil biofilm”, you will find what you are looking for.

  7. how many drops of each Oregano, Cassia, Clove, Thyme and Melissa do you use? how of ten do you take lyme protocol? what is pulsing? please explain throughly. thanks marla

    • At the end of this original post there is now a link to the Lyme Protocol using the essential oils from doTerra. Feel free to keep asking questions

  8. Thanks for the medical abstract but the one you attached isn’t about a lyme bio film but about to other types of bio films. Is there one that talks about lyme biofilms? I don’t know that much about it maybe they are all the same but then that makes me wonder why they named the type of biofilm in the study related to the disease they had the biofilms on? Also do you know what breaks through the cyst from of Lyme? Thank you so much for your help.

    • I don’t know of one specifically talking about Lyme bio-film. My research indicates that bio-films are generally of the same composition. It is a slimy substance, that you have likely seen from time to time. Actually you are probably experiencing it every morning. You know the stuff on your teeth when you wake up, that’s bio-film. Ewww. You ever cleared a drain and there was a slimy coating on the clog, yup, that’s bio-film. Ever been in a slow moving body of water and the rocks were super slippery, that’s right…probably bio-film. Bio-film is just a slimy coating that bacteria colonize in order to protect themselves. There are a few essential oils that break this down, Melaleuca is one of them. There are other oils that are good a preventing it’s buildup. In fact many essential oils prevent the buildup on goo that builds up on communication receptors, keeping things nice and clean. Hope this helps.

      • Hi there! Hoping this wasn’t already asked and I just missed it. I’m really anxious to break through that biofilm and get rid of these nasty buggers but am planning to start the OnGuard capsules. Is there a good way to incorporate the Melaleuca into that? Thank you! :)

      • Oh goodness, I found the page for the protocol! Sorry! But THANK YOU! :)

  9. Wow…I have been wondering for at least a year what the vibrational buzzing was that I have. It stays in one spot for a while then seems to move. I was diagnosed with Lymes years ago, but only in the past two months it seems my symptoms are worse than ever. My finger joints are growing and EVERY joint in my body hurts! I am anxious to start your protocol.

    • The buzzing, annoying isn’t it? The oils will definitely help that. We would love to have you join us and then share your experiences with the oils for Lyme here for others to see. We have an awesome promotion this month to help you get off to a great start. You would get get a free bottle of Frankincense as part of the promo which I believe to be extremely important when managing Lyme. Please feel free to call me if you want to talk more @ 760-415-0942.

      In answer to your question about putting the oils in water….yes you could do that, BUT most of them don’t taste so good, in fact they are more like down right awful. That is why most go in capsules. There are some oils that are fabulous in water like Lemon, Wild Orange, Grapefruit & Slim & Sassy.

      • do you reccommend taking their vitamins while doing the lyme protocol?

        • Yes, they are amazing supplements! But with Lyme, sometimes we may need to move a little slower. I would suggest starting with 1 of each per day and building up to the recommended 4 of each a day. I have heard of some with Lyme or other chronic illnesses doubling the recommended daily dose. We need to rock the boat, but not rock it to hard. The vitamins will strengthen your immune system, we need to do that, but we don’t want to produce such an enormous die off that it just creates massive inflammation, setting us right on our behinds and besides to much toxicity and inflammation is counter productive.

          I really recommend pulsing the Lyme Protocol, M-W-F, and starting slow with the vitamins, especially until you know how your body will be able to process the die off. Frankincense & Ylang Ylang are both very gentle, but very powerful, excellent at calming things down, ie nervous system & inflammation. I found I can use them both as much as I want. In my humble opinion they are invaluable to those of us with Lyme.

  10. One question…can I put the essential oil in water and drink it?

  11. This is all such helpful information! I’ve been sick for so many years and have just been diagnosed with Lyme. What is the best essential oil(s) to treat chronic sphenoid sinus infections? I have a terrible sinus infection that is causing so much head pain, inflammation and green phlem, but cultures keep coming back negative. Can Lyme get into the sinuses and is the bacteria such a stealthy bugger that cultures will not show up as positive? Thank you!

    • Sorry you have been so sick, but glad you have a diagnosis finally. At least you now have a direction to go. I was sick for so very long when I was diagnosed with Lyme. While no one wants to have Lyme it was a relief to know there was actually a name for what was wrong with me.

      Lyme can get into everything. The unique shape of a spirochete (spiral or corkscrew) makes it easy for them to move along, literally screwing their way through tissues, migrating from one location to another. Your sinuses are not immune. The Lyme Protocol is your best bet. No matter where the little buggers try to hide, the essential oils will find them. Oregano is a very powerful anti-microbial. For your sinus issue you might want to try a combination of Melaleuca, Frankincense, Rosemary and a little sea salt in warm water, in a neti pot to rinse your sinuses a couple times a day. You can pick up a neti pot at the drug store.

      Also, I would suggest the Lifelong Vitality Pack to really get your immune system working optimally.

  12. Thank you so much for the suggestions. Is the Oregano to be used in conjunction with the other oils in the neti pot and is the ratio just one drop of each oil? My doc says my sinus problems could also be due to mold. Will these oils help with that too? I’ve been told surgery is the next step and I want to avoid that at all costs. I had sinus surgery four years ago and it seemed to do more harm then good….

    • No, don’t put the Oregano in your sinuses ever. Oregano is a super hot oil. Don’t use any of the Lyme Protocol in the neti pot. Only use gentle oils. I will be posting some information in the next couple of days on sinus issues. So watch for it.

  13. Hi stupid question,how do you know for sure you have Lymes? I live in Canada, my sister has been sick for awhile, we suspected Lymes? The doctor says no and won’t test , in Canada apparently we don’t do both tests? Not sure what my sister can do?

    • Not at all a stupid question. Sadly most doctors are not educated all that much in Lyme. Not that I fault them for that, after all there is so much to know about the human body and there are so many areas of expertise, they can’t possibly know everything. So you really need to seek out a LLMD aka Lyme Literate Doctor or someone who at least has more then a passing knowledge of Lyme. Chances are very high, if your sister has a history of a tick bite, rash does not have to be present or even a history of hiking, camping, horseback riding in an area where a tick bite is possible, even if you never saw one and she has Lyme symptoms, chances are quite high that it is tick borne illness.

      Another little off the wall indicator is how we react to antibiotics. Some of us get to feeling really bad while on antibiotics due to a small herx (die off of the Lyme) that might happen while taking antibiotics. Yet others find themselves feeling really good while on antibiotics. In that case the Lyme ketes may be going dormant while the threat of extinction is present while on antibiotics.

      Getting our immune systems in optimal condition and using essential oils to manage symptoms rather then medications can take us a long way towards healing. Then even doing a test run of the Lyme Protocol with essential oils could provide some useful information and will not hurt, other then if it is Lyme you will herx, but that has to happen if you are going to kill the Lyme or other tick borne critters. All are much safer options then what it offered by most LLMD recommending massive quantities of very toxic antibiotics.

  14. Hi, could you let me know which oils are good for the lymes protocol? You mentioned clove on one page and not in the protocol. Did you also take anything else with the protocol? I wish I could have a doctor like you do but am having trouble getting one. Have been on antibiotics for a few months and cant get more so I am gonna try this. thanks

    • Finding a good doctor is really hard, but there are getting to be more and more Lyme Literate doctors as time goes on. Clove is mentioned on this page and you can find a print out here.

      The protocol does not need to be precise, in fact what works best for each one of us, is what works. I use 3 drops of each oil, taken M-W-F, pulsing so as not create to extreme of a herx. I do that for about 6 weeks and then take a break. If you can handle more of a herx, they add days to it. Don’t let yourself herx to badly, because a major herx brings on inflammation and inflammation is not always a good thing. Slow and steady is what wins this race.

      • Also, Do you know if the Modern Essentials hardcover book mentions the Lyme protocol? Would you recommend it for someone just starting out with essential oils? It seems like a great reference but looks like it would be information overload and a little too comprehensive for someone new to all of this.

        • The ME book does not have the Lyme Protocol, maybe someday. And ABSOLUTELY I recommend the book. It is chock full of great information, but it is really set up nicely into sections, headings and pictures making it much simpler for those of us with Lyme brains. It isn’t like you need to sit down and read it cover to cover. You can just look up one oil or a health issue and read about that and then put it down. You will love it and it will help your knowledge grow as you are able. It’s a go at your own pace kind of book. There is deeper stuff in it, but you can skip that. I haven’t read all of it, but love to use it as a reference.

      • Could you let me know if you want to what your herx symptoms were? I started the oil protocol friday and was curious. Also, when did you notice improvement? At this point I am very dizzy and have been for a few weeks and can not drive. Thanks

  15. This is wonderful information. Thank you! Quick question- was it ylang ylang that got rid of the internal vibrating? Did you just use it topically on wrists or other locations?

    • Thank you, I am glad you find it helpful. Yes, YY for the internal vibrations. My first experience was just on my wrists, but now I use it on the bottoms of my feet, on my wrists and over my heart to help slow my heart rate.

  16. Hi,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story and information. I also have been diagnosed with Lyme as well as the co-infections of mycroplasma and Epstein barr. I was very surprised though that you said you infected your family members. I was told this was not contagious and that I had probably contracted it in childhood but stress brought it out. Is my family in danger?
    Thank you.

    • No, it is contagious as in between you and your spouse or a mother may pass it on to her unborn children. Babies are frequently born with Lyme to mothers already infected. The early medical model that was followed when studying Lyme was that of another spirochete, Syphilis. Lyme also a spirochete & Syphilis behave in similar ways. Syphilis is sexually transmitted & also transmitted from a mother to her unborn child. If you were not infected with Lyme at the time you were pregnant, you have nothing to worry about with those children. It is not passed through casual contact.

  17. Thanks for the prompt reply. I plan on starting the protocol this week. I did have one more question. On this page you stated that Clove is in the protocol. However when I clicked on the link for the protocol; it does not mention Clove but mentions Cinnamon. Is it Clove or Cinnamon? Thank you for sharing your information and I’m so glad you are doing better.

  18. Thank you!

  19. Hi How many times a day do you take the oils?

    • In my experience I have only taken them one time a day and just 3 days a week. I do not have time for nor do I want to be put in bed or possibly the hospital herxing to severely. Go slow. Be sure to only uses oils that are labeled safe for ingestion & that you are 100% sure they are pure. Safety first.

  20. Another concern I have is my left knee is swelled and painful I have had it drained 3 times, and it keeps coming back. The fluid tests are negativem and the doctor says it is from limes arthritis. I was on antibiotics for 3 months, but have stopped and am doing your lymes protocol. But my knee is still not better. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Even with the oils, battling Lyme is not going to happen over night. It will take at the very least many, many months, possibly longer. It has taken you some time to get as sick as you are, it is going to take your body time to recover and heal the damage. The LP is going to kill the Lyme & with that comes the die off & the herx. You may at times find yourself feeling worse, that is the nature of the die off. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot of way to avoid that, just proceed slowly so you can manage the herx symptoms.

      For your knee, I would recommend Deep Blue & Frankincense 2-3 times a day. No more though. These oils alone or together are going to be excellent for pain & inflammation. I am working with a lady who is new to the oils and she is so excited to have a natural option & is already in love with the oils. Recently she discovered how much she loves the Deep Blue on her ankles which have been a regular problem for her, it feels so good. But then her ankles started swelling??? We can try to help people understand just how powerful these oils are, but sometimes it just takes actually experiencing it to fully comprehend. I went down this path too:}

      What I am pretty sure happened is this. ALL of the oils have a degree of antibacterial properties. There are those that are far better at it like the ones in the Lyme Protocol. This lady was using the Deep Blue like crazy because it felt so good. I believe what likely happened is that her ankles are a problem because the Lyme has set up housekeeping there (I have a similar problem), similar to what is happening in your knee. The antibacterial properties of the oils in Deep Blue actually started killing the spirochetes causing a die off resulting in a herx reaction, swelling in her ankles. Good news is, some sort of process was clearly underway, bad news, it was happening way to fast, more good news, just slow it down. If there is Lyme there, it must die, but we need to do it slowly so our already overly toxic bodies can manage the coming die off.

  21. Will this protocol help with neurolyme/Bart?

    • Anything bacterial or viral in nature that does not belong, these oils will help. I tend to lean toward the Neuro Lyme myslef. The key is consistency. You can not just try a few times and think nothing happened, it must not work. We have to eradicate the Lyme which will take some time. All of the Tick Borne illnesses are buggers to treat. Expect to have to stay on top of it with good nutrition & the oils, with the end goal….your body gets the upper hand. Do a search of my website for antibacterial & Lyme if you have not already. Some good stuff will come up.

  22. I have been doing antibiotics for 8 months now to treat Lyme and I don”‘t want to go that route anymore. I have a lot of nervous system issues and I am starting to wonder what I am doing to my body with all the antibiotics I am taking. I have been looking into other types of treatment and this one really caught my eye. Couple questions though, how do you fill the capsules and can all the oils go in one capsule with the carrier oil?

    • I am working with several who have Lyme now & all are very encouraged by the oils. Some have not even started the Lyme Protocol, just using the oils to manage symptoms.

      Filling the capsules can be done a couple of ways. I prefer to just hold a capsule & drip straight from each bottle of oil. Another way is to purchase some droppers that you can get at–5ml_p_2474.html. They fit into the oil bottles & then you can just use those to drip the oils into the capsules. You can also get little stands to hold your capsules upright like this

      There is no need to use a carrier oil inside of the capsules. A carrier oil would be to dilute an essential oil that is going to be applied to the skin. You may want to do that for a small child, if you have sensitive skin or the oil is hot the way Oregano is. Just be sure to take your Lyme Protocol (only using CPTG oils, never ingest anything else) on a full stomach. It will seem very easy once you get the hang of it. If you get to much of one oil & not enough of the other, don’t worry, it is still going to work splendidly!

  23. I am starting the oil protocol for Lyme and pray it helps. I have neuro lyme so bad that the brain fog, depression, anxiety, feeling detached are almost more than I can bare. I have been sick and felt this way so long that I am scared I might not ever feel good. My questions are, did you ever feel this way and once on oil protocol how long did it take until you felt you were on the right path? Thank you!

    • Yes, I absolutely felt that way. I was very sick and actually looked like I was at deaths door. I often felt I was looking at the world from far away or through a tube, felt very disconnected. Some how, I am not sure, but depression was not an issue for me.

      My progression towards health began before the oils, but I reached a plateau and was still taking a handful of prescription meds along with antibiotics every now and then. I could even say I was back sliding ever so slightly, but not always sure if was the Lyme or my age.

      In the 2 years I have been using the oils I have not taken anymore antibiotics, I use the Lyme protocol instead, pulsing for 6 weeks periods. I never feel like I am backsliding in any way even though I am still pushing towards 60. All of that information is in my Lyme posts. I am constantly amazed at myself. I was so sick and looked like I was dying, but my body has recovered. Our bodies have an amazing ability to repair themselves, we just need to give it the power and tools to do it.

      • I keep hearing about the Lyme protocol but I find many different ones. Can you tell me what you are doing?

        • This is the one that I do. There are some variations, but this one has some of the best oils known for their antibacterial properties. All of the information as to what I am doing can be found on this blog. Just thy Lyme into the search feature on the left and it will bring up everything I have posted on this subject.

      • Ok, thank you so much! I just can’t think or remember, I feel like my brain is empty. Do you know of other people that have healed their lyme or other diseases w/oils?

        Thank you!

        • I do not know them personally but I have corresponded with quite a few as I was learning about the oils myself who have been helped very much.

  24. Ok, read through all of this. This is truly fantastic and I’m eager to try it out. Checking with my naturopath practitioner first. My question now is how often would you take Frankincense & Ylang Ylang? I’d like to try the Lyme Protocol with these but I can’t seem to locate how much and how often to take of these two oils. And would these be topical or ingested? And if ingested would they be separate from the LP capsules I’ll be making? Thanks!

    • You could take the Frank & the YY internally, but I like to use them topically. You can apply as often as needed. When not on the protocol, I apply both of those oils morning & night. When on the protocol and with the herxing you might want to do it more often. There is no set amount you can or can not use, especially if you are using doTERRA. Use common sense & if you feel like you could use more, than it’s ok. Every hour if needed should be fine. Remember the oils are not time released, so use a little more often.

  25. i am 3 weeks into protocol. Just out of curiousity but how long into taking the oils until you started to feel better and that you were on the right track?

    Thank you!

    • It can vary depending on how long you have been infected. Years later, I am still evolving and making progress. Please don’t forget while on the protocol you will likely not feel that great. You really shouldn’t feel great. This protocol is meant to KILL the pathogens and when there is die off there is going to be added toxins which are going to cause a herx. For those not familiar with the herx, as the die off occurs you will likely feel worse then you did before you started. That is normal and actually a good sign, because you have proof it is working. The oils are not making things worse, you are killing this and there is no way around that that I am aware of. Blood is being spilled and it is toxic, the more bug juice the more toxins. Your immune system will become more active as there are literally little body parts floating in your blood stream which your immune system can now identify. All of this is VERY good.

      It is when you stop the protocol within 10 days to 2 weeks as your body clears away the toxins and debris that you will begin to feel better. It may take many cycles, but every time I have done it, I am better than I was when I started.

      Do not stay on the protocol non stop, thinking you can tough it out. The oregano is extremely hot & very long periods of use can be a bit hard on the liver. If you are taking the protocol daily, I recommend no more than 2-3 weeks on the outside, then take at least an equal amount of time as a break. Over doing causes inflammation and inflammation is counter productive.

      If you are pulsing M-W-F like I recommend and like to do, I go about 6 weeks. Then I take a break. Most of the time I will not return to the protocol for many months when the timing is more convenient.

      There is no reason to make yourself absolutely miserable. I know, you want it to be over and move on, but if you push to hard discouragement can take over & depression can set. Some have even scared themselves thinking everything is getting worse and quit. They did not hear what I keep reminding everyone of over and over. Be gentle with yourself, your body has gone through so much already.

      • Thank you and that makes sense. I will definitely do slow and steady! What are the best things to do to detox to make sure and get the critters out?

        • I like the lemon oil in water. I drink it all day long. Great detoxifier, but not to strong. Grapefruit & then Zendocrine oil blend are stronger. Again, don’t want to do that to fast or you can cause yourself to feel worse. Gentle but consistent.

  26. Is the Lyme protocol safe to do while trying to conceive or being pregnant? I was recently diagnosed with Lyme (which I’ve had for at least 2 years, possibly as long as 19), right at the time we were set to start fertility treatments. My biological clock is ticking (I’m 39 with diminished ovarian reserve), so I don’t have years to treat Lyme with herbs or antibiotics that are contraindicated for pregnancy before trying to have another baby. But at the same time, having another baby while being this sick won’t really work either.

    • I am sorry about your situation, wanting children is such a strong desire that can be difficult to restrain. I would not take the protocol while trying to conceive or while pregnant. The oils are very powerful antibacterials. Wouldn’t want anything to compromise or shorten the term of your pregnancy.

      My daughter who contracted Lyme in utero from me decades before I was diagnosed, still passed the Lyme on to her son who was a surprise even while she was taking antibiotics during pregnanacy in an effort to prevent him being infected. It did not work. He was recently diagnosed and he is just 6. She also has 2 daughters whom she infected while in utero before any of us were diagnosed. How to handle this is a very tough & personal call. I wish you all the best.

  27. Hi if you got bitten how to diagnose borreliosis ?

  28. Did you have problems with your gallbladder or stomach and have difficulty eating? Any recommendations for oils which may help?
    Thank you for all this helpful information.

    • I didn’t have gallbladder issues that I know of, but for sure stomach issues. I was very thin because I was always sick to my stomach, food didn’t digest and I had no interest in food. Digestzen might be helpful for nausea, but you really have to get at the cause.If there are other stomach issues, I need to know what they are in order to be offer any suggestions.

      When you can start getting the upper hand on the Lyme the symptoms will start to disappear, so you need to focus more than anything on killing the Lyme, not just managing symptoms. Everyone of my symptoms are either gone or nearly gone, with the exception of occasional mild brain fog when I get overly tired, and I do fatigue easier than most and a little bit of pain in my feet. But other than that I can’t think of anything that really causes me distress. Compared to where I have been and how much I have recovered these are just very minor annoyances. Darn I may hate to take a nap:}

  29. My dad has rocky mountain spotted fever that he got about 2 yrs. ago. He tested negative for Lyme, but has all the systems you are describing. I asked his yesterday if he has ringing in his ears and he said all the time. I would really like to help him out with the oils. I have Lavender, lemon, peppermint, melaleuca, oregano, deep blue, breathe, Digestzen, on guard, and omni frankincense. Can I do anything with these oils today to help any of the symptoms? I guess if I could get rid of the ringing in his ears like you did he would be a believer.

    • I still have the ringing in my ears. I have not worked on that yet, it is just a minor annoyance considering where I have been. I do plan on trying Dr. Lawton’s suggestions for tinnitus. If you ever get a chance to hear her, she has a lot of good ideas. Or get the book her and Rebecca Hintze wrote, chock full of recipes.

      Your dad needs to have some experiences of his own to be able to see for himself that the oils work. You have a lot of great oils there, so start matching them to his symptoms. What jumps out at me that you have is Frankincense and Deep Blue. Your post says “omni frankincense”, is that a typo or something I do not know?

  30. That is what it was called in my Doterra physicians kit, i dont know since I’m very new to oils. Where could I apply the frankincense and deep blue? The reason I mentioned the ringing, I thought I might could substitute one of my oils instead of the Ylang Ylang on his wrist. I just know he has tried everything and I mean everything. Just starting on my oil journey I REALLY want to help him. He is also going to have to see some typically applied oils make a difference before he starts popping them in pills, lol.

    • If he has particular joints that cause him problems, right there would be good. Frankincense on the bottoms of his feet to start. He will feel a difference from that. In my mind there is no replaceent that I have yet found to replace Ylang Ylang at least in the way I use it for my internal vibrations.
      I am studying the chemistry of essential oils and maybe will eventually find something that works similar to the YY.
      Talk to the person who introduced you to the oils, they will be happy to help you learn how to use the oils. Then there is lots of information specific to Lyme right here, so read and read.

  31. Eileen McGowan


    With the protocol for oils for Lymes can you please tell me if it’s all those drops into one capsule? So, 4 drops, 3, 3, 3, 2, 3? And how many capsules per day? And I understood to take them 3 times a week.

    Thank you,

    • 3 times a week, once a day. Put it in however many capsules it takes depending on capsule size. Do for 6 weeks and then take a break of several weeks.

  32. …..thank you so much for this info. It all makes complete sense to me as I was diagnosed last year. Just one question though. You mentioned in writing you have had Lyme for years, probably since a younger age, but the video you have posted that said was about you the lady talking said she no longer has Lyme and she only had it 2 years. Was this a different story. It through me off a little bit :/

    • The video is not me, but I am the one in the picture further on down. This lady is doing really well, but not sure what she means when she says she no longer has Lyme. From my understanding, Lyme is not entirely curable, but hopefully we can beat it into submission and but it into a dormant state where it will no longer affect us in a negative way. Staying healthy is a must in order to keep it in that dormant state.

      • So if it’s said that Lymes is not curable, why is it said that a Rife machine (frequency treatment) can explode the bacteria – in other words “kill it”. ?

  33. Hi! I may have posted this on your other page…..but I notice you don’t mention coinfections, bartonella and babesia, etc on your treatment profile. Did you not have those? They are a huge reason why people stay ill, and for me far more of an issue than Lyme. Any thoughts, or blogs/places to visit where treatment of these coinfections is discussed?

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