How Essential Oils Have Changed My Life

Honestly I could have never dreamed that essential oils could be this important in my life. When my friend tried to share them with me years ago I thought to myself this is just to good to be true. If it was true than everyone would be using them.

Boy was I wrong on both counts. It is true, essential oils are incredible and even so only a small percentage of the world’s population has discovered the splendor in these tiny little bottles full of beautiful aromatic scents. Most people look at us like we are probably running through the forest with flowers in our hair, hugging trees or something. That’s ok, I’ve been looked at like that before Then when something becomes a proven fact, I just look at people like……I told you you needed to try it.



So here are some of the ways how essential oils have changed my life.

1.The health and wellness of my family has changed

  • There has been a significant boost in our immune system
  • Essential oils are naturally supportive to all organs (heart, lungs, brain)
  • They are supportive to our emotional well-being and help us maintain mental clarity
  • They protect us from seasonal and environmental threats.

2. We have been empowered

  • No longer are we entirely dependent on others for our wellness. We have choices, we have options that can be used preemptively.
  • Essential oils work within the parameters of the holistic lifestyle we have chosen to live.

There is a time and a place to seek help. There is no shame in that. When you need direction, go get it, we do.

3. Refined my health goals

I have been been living an organic lifestyle for many years. I haven’t been into a regular grocery store in I don’t know how long. Yet when I began to experience the therapeutic benefits to my health just from applying an essential oils to my skin…….it made me think. If these oils can simply be applied to my skin and provide such positive health benefits, why would it not be true of anything else I apply to my skin even if the effects were negative or even harmful.

I started looking at all of our personal care products and the cleaning products, laundry detergent, etc. They were full of things I had been trying to avoid in the foods I consumed, but I was still putting them on my skin. I cleaned out everything and now I only use products that are certified organic, organic or at the very least are void of toxic chemicals that are found in so many of our personal care products.

I even make many products myself. It’s fun, cost effective and I know exactly what is in everything I make.

4. Everything smells delicious

I haven’t used perfumes on myself for a very long time. Many synthetic fragrances tend to affect me negatively in minutes. I had tried to avoid all scented products, but I did miss that smell of a “summer breeze” or a “gardenia”, even if they were fake.

Now when I make products I add my favorite essential oils. I have multiple diffusers and even just having essential oil bottles in my home that we open and use daily makes our home smell yummy.

I am often asked by strangers what perfume I am wearing, they love the smell. The look on their face is priceless when I tell them I don’t use perfume, but that I am wearing essential oils which actually enhances my health and wellness. You see I apply essential oils every single day for their therapeutic values, smelling lovely is an added bonus.

5. I am in Awe

I have always believed in our Creator. He has given us everything we need to promote health and wellness in nature. Somewhere along the line we have become more trusting of man as if they know better than the one who created all in the first place.

Who are we to remove the fat from milk and claim it is healthier? Who are we to manipulate nature thinking we can make it better? Who are we to remove a singular compound from an aromatic essential oils and add it to toxic chemicals and proclaim its “improved” health benefits?

Essential oils truly are a gift.

If you have used essential oils you know what I am talking about. You begin to look at everything differently. If you have not yet tried them, please do. Let me help you learn how they can improve your life.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The recommendations above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

If you would like more information on general health and wellness or how you can have your own essential oils, please use the contact form below.




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