Believe it or not, I have not always been as healthy as I am today, my family and I live with some wellness challenges driving me to focus more on improving our overall health and well being. When I was a child I was fairly healthy and I clearly remember my mom shopping at health food stores. At the time I had no appreciation for what it was she was trying to do. However as a young mom myself taking care of the needs of my family, some of what I learned from my mother began to resonate with me.

For many, many years now I only shop at health food stores, choosing organic foods as our primary source of nutrition. Nevertheless myself and my family still could have felt better. We were still dependent on others for direction and still found ourselves at the pharmacy around the corner picking up products that helped us function at a higher level.

I was never comfortable with the need to do that. It didn’t make sense to eat organic and then use products that were synthetic and laden with a really scary list of negative side effects. My intuition told me there was a missing piece to the puzzle and it became my quest to find it.

I found that piece several years ago in a most unexpected place. A dear friend of mine wanted to tell me about doTERRA essential oils. As much as I was open to natural and organic products, I was not interested in this. I think probably my biggest hurdle was the fact that these essential oils came from a network marketing company. I dislike network marketing companies as much as everyone else, maybe even more.

I dodged my friend every time she would try to talk to me about the way these oils had improved the general wellness of her family. She even invited me to several classes where I could learn about the various ways to use essential oils. I always thanked her and moved on.

It just so happens that my friend also cut my hair at the time. One particular day, we got to talking about the special needs children she works with, which lead to a conversation about one of my family members who has some challenges. She explained that there were some essential oils that might actually be able to provide some relief. That was the very first moment my interest was piqued. Believe it or not I accepted an invitation to a class on essential oils, still rather reluctant.

That evening before attending this class, in my friends living room I had my first essential oil experience with doTERRA’s Ylang Ylang. It was astounding to say the least. But the skeptic that I am, I was still extremely cautious. I left the class with samples of the Ylang Ylang and Frankincense. The rest is history.

It took me months to talk to anyone other than my husband about these essential oils. I had to be sure. I eventually had to admit, that night had changed my life in such a powerful way I could never go back. I realized I may have found that missing peace to my puzzle. The puzzle was now nearly complete.

From that introduction to doTERRA’s essential oils and the benefits I was experiencing just from applying these oils to my skin or simply inhaling them, I reconsidered other products in my home. If an essential oil could produce those kinds of powerful effects on my general wellness, how might the personal care products, cosmetics and cleaning products be negatively affecting my family’s health as well, but probably in a negative way.

With some research I knew I had to tighten down the hatch even more in order to protect my family. My bathroom cabinet, cleaning cabinet, our personal care products cupboard and my makeup drawer were all purged of products with chemicals listed right on the label that are known toxins and cancer causers. How could I have missed this?

We know that we are what we eat, but do you know that what you put on you, goes in you. Our skin is our largest organ. Don’e let anyone tell you that the petroleum laden lotion you are slathering all over yourself and your kids does not penetrate the skin. It does.

I am so grateful for my friend who did not give up on me with her gentle persistence. Look at me today. I am Health & Life Coach with a successful blog, helping others to adopt a healthy lifestyle by making healthier choices everyday. Helping other people is my nature and what an awesome job I have now.