Essential Oils for Dogs & Cats

Many are familiar with essential oils for aromatherapy, but a therapeutic quality essential oil that has been certified for purity goes far beyond that. Did you know that essential oils work great for dogs, horses and there are even some for cats? It’s true! I find it so exciting to see an animal respond to essential oils, because as an animal, they have no idea how the oils are to affect them. When you see the desired effect actually happening, you know it is working and that is so exciting!

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I have seen & heard of numerous occasions the benefits of essential oils on our furry four legged friends. I have personally used them on horses, using the Touch technique. Seen first hand the way in which essential oils support the immune system. I use them as a support to overall good health, hoping to avoid problems in the future.

Essential oils can be powerful tools for reducing those doggie anxious moments, like during thunder storms, certain holidays that feature fireworks, fear of separation or general over excitement.

I used essential oils on my two very tiny toy fox terriers, weighing about 11 lbs together. They were both seniors and had many senior doggie issues. The older one Misty has always been very skiddish & a generally timid dog. As she has gotten older it seems to just get worse, to the point she runs when we want to hold her and cowers when you try to pet her.

Misty1 (2)I started using Frankincense on her primarily for joint support, but there were some awesome effects that we weren’t really expecting. It seemed to calm her skiddish behaviors. It was immediately noticeable. She became very active, running up and down the stairs all day long even jumping several steps at a time. She could almost jump herself onto our bed, keeping in mind she only weighs 6 lbs!

Then we have our smaller, but younger oldster, Shadow. Shadow has never had Misty’s physical strength and has always tended to be more fragile. Since her early years, around 2 or 3 years old she had a lot of skin sensitivity which manifest mostly in her ears.

She also has a back that gives her some trouble now and then, and she has had stomach sensitivity for many years.

At this point in their lives I had never delved into using essential oils on my dogs to this degree. I decided to use a Digestive Blend & the Detoxifying Blend for healthy liver support. Since Shadow is so tiny I wasn’t sure how much to give her or how. I started by rubbing a tiny bit (what I wiped off the top of the bottle) of the Digestive Blend on her tummy. I tried numerous ways to get the Detoxifying Blend in her too.

Within about 2 days her tummy discomfort settled right down. A raw food diet was recommended by a friend. Shadow LOVED the raw food and began once again gulping down her food. She gained weight again and was wagging her tail. Her ears stopped bothering her too!

I had originally only put Shadow on the raw food because of expense, but Misty became disinterested in her food which she had always looked at like it was going to jump out of the bowl and grab her anyways. I think she didn’t like the smell of the Frankincense I put in it either. There was further improvement in her personality with the raw food diet.

Bottom line, I was able to help both of my oldsters with proper organic healthy nutrition and essential oils to support healthy normal bodily functions.  I should have known. If a healthy organic diet helps humans to feel better why not our pets?

I did struggle with a way to give my tiny dogs an appropriate amount of oils for their size and I eventually landed on this. I simply put a little water in an extra EO bottle with a few drops of my desired essential oils. I use alkaline water because it breaks the oils up into smaller particles that remain suspended in the water for a longer period of time. With each meal I just add 2-3 drops to their raw food and mix it up. They love the raw food so much they just wolf down even with the oils, no matter what I put in there.

corion (2)Some essential oils can be used on cats as well. I don’t have any kitties so do not personally have any experiences. I do know that cats do NOT filter as quickly as humans and dogs, so you must be careful. There are also oils that you would not want to use on your cat, so be sure to do your research.

Essential oils are the perfect natural alternative for caring for your pets. As I mentioned they are even excellent for using on horses.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The recommendations above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

If you would like more information on general health and wellness or how you can have your own essential oils, please use the contact form below.

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