Essential Oils for Dogs & Cats

Many are familiar with essential oils for aromatherapy, but a CPTG oil goes far beyond that, promoting good health. Did you know that there are essential oils for dogs & cats? It’s true! I find it so exciting to see an animal respond to essential oils, because as an animal, they have no idea how the oils are to affect them and when we as there humans see the desired effect actually happening, you know it is working and that is so exciting!

essential oils for dogs & cats

I have experienced, seen & heard on numerous occasions the benefits of essential oils on our furry four legged friends. My daughter has a large golden retriever about 4 years old who developed a serious eye and ear infection, which included discharge, swollen inner eyelid and very large lymph glands. She took pupper to the vet as she was quite worried, and the vet confirmed, yes it was a pretty serious infection. Of course, his recommendation was a round of antibiotics and steroids. Being my daughter was new to doTerra, when she was left alone in the examining room, she gave me a call, wondering what I thought. It was a Friday, I suggested she go home, without the antibiotics and give the essential oils the weekend. If there was no change or things got worse, she could always run back to the vet and grab the antibiotics.

That is what she decided to do. She explained what she wanted to do to the vet, and he was ok with the idea. His assistant was clearly not pleased at all. Immediately when they arrived home, my daughter got out her oils, Oregano, On Guard and Lavender. She filled capsules with the Oregano & On Guard and sent them down the hatch. She did that at least 3 times a day as we would do when taking antibiotics. She then applied the Lavender around the orbit of his eye, being careful not to get it in his eye and rubbed the Lavender around his ear.

The next morning…….well, it was exciting to see. The very visible eye infection has subsided by at least 50%! The discharge was gone, but there was still some residual swelling. She planned on continuing for 10 days and by the morning of day 2 it appeared 80% better and the ear infection was looking good as far as she could see. Slowly the lymph nodes began shrinking and by day 5 you could hardly tell he had looked so bad just a few days earlier. She never did need those expensive antibiotics which always cause further damage elsewhere in the body while killing the bacterial infection anyways. So nice that she could kill the infection without doing further harm.

I have also been using essential oils on my two very tiny toy fox terriers, weighing about 11 lbs together. They are both seniors and are having many senior doggie issues. The older one Misty who is 15 has always been very skiddish & a generally timid dog. But as she has gotten older it seems to just get worse, to the point she runs when we want to hold her and cowers when you try to pet her. Not sure why, she has never been hurt. About 5 months ago I started using Frankincense on her primarily for joint pain, but then there was these awesome effect that we weren’t really expecting. It seemed to calm her skiddish behaviors. It was immediately noticeable. She is very active and runs up and down the stairs all day long even jumping several steps lately and she can almost jump all by herself onto our bed, keeping in mind she only weighs 6 lbs! That might be like us trying to jump onto the roof of our house.

Then we have our smaller, but younger oldster, Shadow who is almost 13. Shadow has never had Misty’s physical strength and has always tended to be more fragile. Since early around 2 or 3 years old she started having allergies which manifest in her ears and as she aged they would itch so bad at times she would yelp with pain when she tried to scratch them. She had painful swollen glands in her neck. She also has back problems, and she has had digestive tract issues for many years and had gotten to the point where she was vomiting countless times a day. She drank massive quantities of water to the point of panic if she couldn’t get water, tested negative for Diabetes and Cushings. She was losing weight and I was feeding more that I was feeding her larger and more active sister, Misty. Eventually she started not wanting to eat at all which never happens to her. She really should have had a little curly tail if you get my drift, oink. When I talked to the vet about it, some tests were run and it was found she was showing signs of early liver failure. His recommendation, keep giving her the same allergy food which was working for the itchy ears and to give her this very expensive chemical prescription medication. I took the medication home, was really not liking the idea of giving it to her, but I was not sure what to do. I was afraid I was losing my little girl.

I did some research on liver failure in dogs and found that it is very often caused my commercial pet foods! It is so highly processed, and has so much junk in it it can actually be toxic to a dogs system and damaging to the liver. I found a liver friendly dog food recipe I made myself. At first she wasn’t real happy with it, but she did pick at it. I also gave her a few doses of the prescription, but was going to look for another way and reached for my essential oils information on dogs. I had never delved into using them on my dogs to this degree, but I had to do something more and I didn’t want her on that drug. I decided to use DigestZen for IBS & Zendocrine for liver support. Since she is so tiny I wasn’t sure how much to give her or how. I started by rubbing a tiny bit (what I wiped off the top of the bottle) of DZ on her tummy. I tried numerous ways to get the Zendocrine in her too.

Within about 2 days her vomiting stopped. Then I noticed she was not longer gulping water all day. I got some advice from Skye Patterson the Dog Oiler, which was encouraging because she recommended what I had already been doing, Disgest Zen, Zendocrine, add DDR Prime and get her off regular dog food. She recommended a raw food diet, which while it is more expensive, it is easier than me purchasing all of the ingredients and then preparing it all. Shadow LOVES the raw food and is once again gulping down her food. She is gaining weight again and wagging her tail. Her ears aren’t itching either! I had originally only put Shadow on the raw food because of expense, but Misty became disinterested in her food which she had always looked at like it was going to jump out of the bowl and grab her anyways, I think she didn’t like the smell of the Frankincense in it. She is also now on the raw food and honestly I think there is further improvement in her personality since.

Bottom line, I only gave Shadow that prescription for about 2 days, because it was clear that everything I needed to help her feel better was right there in my box of essential oils. I should have known! I still struggled with a way to give my tiny dogs an appropriate amount of oils for them and I eventually landed on this. I simply put a little water in an extra oils bottle with a few drops of my desired essential oils. I use alkaline water because it breaks the oils up into smaller particles that remain suspended in the water for a longer period of time. With each meal I just add 2-3 drops to their raw food and mix it up. They love the raw food so much they just wolf down the oils no matter what I put in there.

Essential oils can be used on cats as well. I don’t have any kitties so do not personally have any experiences. I do know that cats do NOT filter as quickly as humans and dogs, so you must be careful. There are also oils that you would not want to use on your cat, so be sure to do your research. Look up Sky Patterson, the Dog Oiler, she always has great advice. If you have experience with using essential oils on your cat, please share them here.

Essential oils are the perfect natural alternative for caring for your pets. They are even excellent for using on horses too. If you would like information on that, you might want to check out Orion El Dakar. They are accumulating quite a wealth of experience in using doTerra’s oils on their Arabs.

I am not a Physician, just a wife, a mom, and a grandma who loves learning about essential oils & sharing with others the incredible things I have learned through my research, personal experiences & the experiences of friends and family.

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11 Responses to Essential Oils for Dogs & Cats

  1. Thanks for the effort, keep up the Great work. The thoughts you express are really awesome. Hope you will write some more posts. I got good info from your blog and saved it as a favorite. I love your blog page too, very nice colors & theme. I really appreciated with it. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Any experience using oils on dogs with Lymes disease?

    • I have not personally had experience treating an animal who has Lyme with essential oils, but having Lyme myself I know what the oils do for me. The oils on the Lyme protocol should be safe for dogs too. I would put them in a capsule and push them to the back of the throat and then massage the throat so they swallow. I can only recommend doTerra because animals are sensitive and these oils need to be taken internally. The oils are hot and you could not put them on a dogs paws, since they lick them. If you haven’t already, read my 2 posts on Lyme. I would do the same for a dog. You don’t want to make them to sick with to fast of a die off. The longer they have been sick, the heavier the pathogenic load and the need to proceed slowly is very important. Keep me posted.

  3. Does anyone know if by using frankincense every other day or so will it completely stop seizures in dogs.

    • Frankincense is known to work really well with seizures. I would definitely give it a try. But I would do it every day. Put the Frankincense on the paw, between the pads, it will not hurt if your dog licks it IF it has been certified pure & therapeutic grade, CPTG. I would not use just any brand of Frankincense on my pet, especially one that is not consumable.

      How big is your dog? A large dog, maybe a drop on each front paw, medium dog, maybe 1 drop between the 2 front paws. A tiny dog/toy maybe consider diluting 1 drop with fractionated coconut oil and apply part of that to the front paws. My toy dogs get Frankincense every single day x 2 in their food.

      Some other oils that have been found helpful are Lemongrass, Lavender, & Serenity which is not a consumable blend so I would put that at the base of the skull on the back of the neck, rubbing it into the skin. Hope this helps, seizures are very scary especially when watching someone we love or a loved pet going through it.

  4. We have a 18 lb. Shi- Pooh dog . He is 3 years old . I have all the essential oils and just ordered a small Essential Oil Diffuser .
    Lil Rocky is itching and scratching his paw just below his left eye !
    What great and safe recommendations should we use to stop him from itching ??
    Which essential oil should I use with the diffuser ?

    Thank you in advance for any help

    Don Ericson email ,

    • I would first try a little bit of lavender on the itchy area, but be sure to avoid the eye itself. My little dog gets really itchy ears and when she does I a rub just the tiniest bit of lavender around and just inside her ear. It settles the itching right down. Hope Lil Rockey feels better. If it continues, you might want to take a look at his diet. Commercial dog food is packed with allergens, foods dogs were never really intended to eat in the first place. At least not in the quantities we find them in commercial dog food.

  5. My friend has a little terrier dog that has a chronic problem with a skin fungus where all her hair falls out and skin swells up. We’ve been looking at oils and think Frankincense might help but any suggestions out there?

    • My first thought goes to Melaleuca. You could try Lemon & Lemongrass. I would also think working on the inside is crucial. If there is fungus on the outside there are probably issues in the gut. The gut is where all good health begins. Find a very good dog food and I personally recommend the raw food diet. It is so worth the extra expense. It has done wonders for my little dog with severe allergies. Also, consider a doggy probiotic which will help to crowd out unwanted pathogens in the gut.

  6. Poor kitty. You do not say if you are using doTERRA, but I would only use oils that you are certain of their purity, especially on a cat. They are not like humans or dogs and can not filter the same. Impurity in essential oils can be a problem. Having said that Serenity or just Lavender can be used. You only will need small amounts, not even a drop, but maybe what comes off the rim of the bottle. Swipe it on bedding or a tiny bit across the chest if there is fur there. You want her just to be able to smell it, but remember her sense of smell is much stronger than ours. One of my dogs really dislikes Lavender. I actually put it in her food for it’s calming affects and it is funny to watch her approach all crouched down like her food might get her. Then she wolfs it down. Hope kitty feels better.

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