Essential Oil Diffusers for Aromatherapy

There are lots of choices when looking for essential oil diffusers for Aromatherapy. Prices can range widely, so do styles. There are diffusers that plug into the wall, and ones that plug into your car. Diffusers that use a candle or other warm source, like a ring on a light bulb to emit the oils into the air. There are little diffuser dealy-bobs that hang from your car mirror or ones that can even hang around your neck. There are diffusers that you actually attach an entire bottle of essential oil to and others that emit a cool mist which contains the essential oils of your choice. So how do you know? Does it make a difference?

what is the best diffuser for essential oil aromatherapy

It does makes a difference it you are looking for the medicinal benefits that can come from a high quality CPTG pure essential oil. A CPTG essential oil is far more than just a pretty smell.

One very important rule of thumb when your desire is receive therapeutic benefits from diffusing essential oils… never want to heat them up. Heating can alter the unique compound structure rendering an oil less effective or destroying it’s efficacy all altogether. So diffusers that heat the oils by way of a candle or work by heating a ring that sits on a hot light bulb are not recommended when therapeutic benefits are your goal. A diffuser that only slightly warms the oils, as in warm to the touch would be ok.

dffuserpersonal You can take aromatherapy wherever you go, just by using yourself as a diffuser. Applying the oils over the heart, on the temples or on the back of the neck are an excellent ways to benefit from not just the aroma, but also from what will enter your blood stream by way of your skin. Remember, what goes on you, goes in you. There are also little charms that can be worn around the neck, often made with porous clay, which will absorb the essential oil, releasing it’s powerful vapors over a more extended period of time.

diffuser9 There are lots of diffusers for using in your home or work space. They various shapes and sizes, and with as many varying prices. The most common is the cool mist diffuser. These diffusers hold water, usually tap and the essential oil or oils of your choice. For me, the size of the water reservoir is the most important feature, because there are diffusers that hold just enough water to last 40 mins, or there are ones that hold enough water to run 4-8 hours depending on the settings you choose. I like to keep it simple and having to think about constantly refilling the diffuser is not something I want to occupy my time with. These diffusers are usually very quiet with maybe just the sound of bubbling water which I kind of like. These diffusers form cool mist by means of a little sonically vibrating disk at the bottom of the water reservoir.

These kinds of diffusers are usually good for a room. Perfect for the bedroom and diffusing oils throughout the night or in the living areas, ie kitchen, living room. A great idea I saw once when attending an essential oils class was just a cool mist humidifier that can be purchased at the drug store, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target or the like. There are some very large ones which would hold a lot of water, and there are also smaller really cute ones that would be perfect for a child’s room.

diffuser10c This takes us to the more expensive diffusers. These are diffusers that diffuse straight essential oils right out of the bottle. The bottle either attaches directly or by way of a tiny hose. These diffusers will put out large amounts of oils and are excellent for very large spaces. As an example Vanderbilt Hospital’s ER diffuses essential oils via these diffusers. Here is a awesome video about Vanderbilt using the oils and it actually show’s these very diffusers in the presentation.

There are a few things you may want to consider before running out and purchasing one of these big boys. They are quite expensive, they consume the essential oils very quickly and I have heard they are a bit on the noisy side. If those are not factors for you, then these are fabulous diffusers.

A pure CPTG essential oil can go far beyond that of smelling lovely. Inhaling the vapors of these oils is a powerful way to benefit therapeutically. When colds and flu stop by, diffusing a blend like On Guard will help to rid the air of airborne pathogens. Stuffy nose, Breathe blend will clear the air passages. A cough, Eucalyptus & Lavender would be helpful. Or if you just want to set a relaxing atmosphere, Wild Orange (the kids love it) or add any oil that you just love the smell of. Have fun and at the same time receive the beautiful therapeutic benefits of these gifts of the earth.

I am a Holistic Health Coach, I am not a Physician, just a wife, a mom, and a grandma who loves learning about natural health and wellness solutions & sharing with others the incredible things I have learned through my schooling, research, personal experiences & the experiences of friends and family.

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