Cinnamon May Support Healthy Kidney Function

Cinnamon and a closely related spice Cassia contain Cinnamaldehyde as the main chemical compound of their essential oil. Both Cinnamon and Cassia are known for their warm, spicy aroma. Cassia has a naturally occurring sweetness.

In 2015 a study printed in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry suggested that Cinnamaldehyde acts to support healthy molecular function in the kidneys.

Support healthy kidneys with Cinnamon

The healthy molecular environment of the kidneys is dependent on many biochemical pathways. You can kind of think of it like one of those machines that performs a very simple task by way of a very long sequence of small tasks, achieving a simple task in a very complicated fashion.

One molecule stimulates another molecule which then stimulates a set of other molecules and on down the line until the desired outcome is achieved.

Cinnamon may support healthy kidney function. In the study it was shown that Cinnamaldehyde inactivated the JAK2-STAT1/STAT3 biochemical pathway which may support healthy kidney cells.

Huang J-S, Lee Y-H, Chuang L-Y, Guh J-Y, Hwang J-Y. J Cell Biochem. 2015;116(6):1028-1038

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