Have you ever heard the term “greenwashing”? Probably not, but chances are you are mislead by greenwashing on a daily basis. Every time you go into a supermarket or big box store to purchase cleaning products, gardening products and even … Continued

How to Simplify Your Life

Our modern world is hectic, leaving us more often than not, feeling overwhelmed. As a life coach this is one of the greatest challenges our clients face. Just how to simplify your life. We have every sort of technology that is supposed to … Continued

An Ounce of Prevention

  Oh if I only had a dime (no nickles, cost of living increase) for every time I hear someone say, “I can not afford to eat organic, it’s just so expensive”.  To that I say, “have you checked out … Continued

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

  Belief systems in many cultures shifts like the wind. A more recent strongly upheld belief is that all fats or oils are bad, causing diets to shift to “no fat”. But is that really a good idea? Let’s take … Continued

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