Have you ever heard the term “greenwashing”? Probably not, but chances are you are mislead by greenwashing on a daily basis. Every time you go into a supermarket or big box store to purchase cleaning products, gardening products and even … Continued

Safely Using Essential Oils Internally

You may not realize this, but there are many essential oils that are generally considered safe to use internally when taken in appropriate small doses. Of course use common sense and never consume anything that you do not understand or is … Continued

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is also known as the King of Oils or Liquid Gold. This precious oil with its warm, spicy, yet clean fragrance has gained its notoriety because of its exceptional health benefits. Throughout the ages Frankincense has been used … Continued

The Causes of Cancer

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I remember as a child hearing the word cancer. Even then I recognized cancer was something to be feared. I also remember at some point that there was a battle to end cancer. That was decades ago and cancer is … Continued

Let 2016 Be The Year of The Best You

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You have been wanting to do get healthy. So stop making excuses, stop procrastinating. Let 2016 be the year of the best you! Are you looking to lose weight? Or better yet are you looking to get healthy with natural … Continued

Which Brand of Essential Oils Should You Use?

A movement towards natural health and wellness is growing. There are countless essential oil brands available to us as consumers. How does a consumer know which brand of essential oils should to use? What you are expecting from a brand of … Continued

Cinnamon May Support Healthy Kidney Function

Cinnamon and a closely related spice Cassia contain Cinnamaldehyde as the main chemical compound of their essential oil. Both Cinnamon and Cassia are known for their warm, spicy aroma. Cassia has a naturally occurring sweetness. In 2015 a study printed … Continued

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