Essential Oil Diffusers for Aromatherapy

There are lots of choices when looking for essential oil diffusers for Aromatherapy. Prices can range widely, so do styles. There are diffusers that plug into the wall, and ones that plug into your car. Diffusers that use a candle … Continued

Organic Bean & Pasta Soup

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I always look forward to Fall because I love a big bowl of hot, hearty soup. Here is our first offering for Fall, Organic Bean & Pasta Soup, I ALWAYS use organic ingredients and the fresher the better. No cans … Continued

How Essential Oils Affect the Body

Essential oils enter the bloodstream rapidly and when they do they will have an effect on the whole body. They enter the bloodstream and begin to interact with every organ and cell in the body within minutes. Understanding how essential … Continued

What Is That Smell?

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I talked before about essential oils that could be used to replace other products we may use on ourselves and around our homes. One of them was using doTERRA’s Purify as a deodorant. I knew from personal experience how well … Continued

Toxin Awareness in Personal Care Products

Upon learning about certified pure essential oils and their powerful ability to bring about changes in our bodies it has made me seriously consider not only what I consume even more than I had before which was really pretty clean, … Continued

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