Which Brand of Essential Oils Should You Use?

A movement towards natural health and wellness is growing. There are countless essential oil brands available to us as consumers. How does a consumer know which brand of essential oils should to use? What you are expecting from a brand of essential oils will help you determine which brand of essential oils you should use.

Essential Oil Brands

Finding a pure essential oil brand isn’t really a problem because there are many producers around the world who are really producing “pure” essential oils. The problem is, often these brands of essential oils are packaged in vast quantities that are sold to distributors, then to suppliers and on down the line, passing through numerous hands. When an essential oil eventually reaches the hands of the company that will now package and put their name on them, that essential oil company usually doesn’t have the ability or maybe even the interest to check for quality before they pass it on to you as the consumer.

Essential oil brands


Is A Pure Essential Oil A Good Essential Oil

A misnomer that many have is that if an essential oil is “pure” then it is a good oil. Even though pure, the oil may have been distilled improperly which makes a huge difference. Or it may come from a species of a plant that is less than ideal. It is very common practice to add a small quantity of “pure” essential oil to other oils such as a carrier oil, thereby diluting what you thought was pure essential oils. This is legal as long as there is at least a percentage of pure essential oil in the bottle.

You want to look for essential oils that are certified ure therapeutic grade or CPTG. What does that mean? It is simply a quality standard. However, being that is doTERRA’s derived term does not mean that this standard is not valid and widely accepted among renowned essential oil experts like Dr. Pappas, chemists and aromatherapists. It has been noted that some of these standards are quite exceptional, exceeding the conventional standards of the ISO (International Organization of Standards). Exceeding the certified organic standards of most countries.

So what it comes down to is, who can you trust to provide you with truly pure, high “therapeutic quality” essential oils? There are a few good essential oil producing comapanies but there are some things you may ask yourself. Does a company have  constant access to gas chromatography and mass spectrometry in order to do those quality checks?

Ask, what is the history of the company as a whole? Who owns the company, what is that person’s history? Is there history of misinformation, dishonesty or questionable ethics? Then maybe you want to ask yourself, is this the company you can trust when they tell me their oils are “therapeutic quality”? Look for a company that is well-respected in the aromatherapy community. Be an educated essential oil consumer, the choice is yours

Here is an interesting video on what makes doTERRA your best option. You will hear from leading experts including Dr. Robert Pappas.

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