Essential Oils for Back to School

Are you ready? It’s already time to think about preparing your kids to go back to school. First thing most think of is school supplies, but how can you prepare your kids for not only a new year full of learning and fun, but also stress and a whole new set of environmental threats. Help them stay focused and feeling good with a very simple essential oil daily routine. Here are some ideas on how to use doTERRA essential oils for back to school.

essential oils for back to shool

As soon as you can and well in advance of school begin by supporting their healthy immune system so that they can cope with the on-slot of things to come. New teachers, maybe a new school or even all new friends. Be sure to give them a good multivitamin every day. I highly recommend doTERRA’s A2Z chewable nutritional supplement that contain a blend of super foods that support overall health and wellness. Food sources of ninerals like Magnesium, Copper an Zinc are used making them more bioavailable. They have a nice watermelon flavor with no corn syrup, artificial colors, sweeteeners or flavors. A2Z does NOT contain gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, eggs or nut products. All adding up to be the perfect nutritional supplement for children 4 years and older.

I suppose prepping for the day really starts the night before when your child should get a good nights rest. You might want to start with a warm bath and add a drop or two of the Serenity Blend to help settle them down from the excitement of their day. You can also diffuse Serenity in their bedroom to set the mood and even spray a little on their pillow.

Finally as you put them to bed, apply a drop of Serenity to the bottom of each foot. Your child will experience a restful night with lots of sweet dreams.

In the morning always start with a healthy breakfast and the Balance Blend on the bottoms of the feet, the temples and the back of the neck. Balance will help with those anxious moments and keep them feeling calm through common daily stressors.  Balance will also help stabilize emotions throughout the day.

Never let them leave the house without OnGuard to support their immune function and help to guard them against the environmental and seasonal threats they will encounter. Apply it to the bottoms of the feet right on top of Balance.

When seasonal threats are high, send them to school with a few of the OnGuard throat lozenges for that added little immune boost as needed throughout the day.

To maintain mental clarity, they can carry a little bit of Peppermint and the Citrus Blend to apply to the temples, at the base of the skull and on the forehead. Sometimes schools will not allow children to bring their essential oils with them. That’s ok, applying before school will always be helpful too. You might even try giving them a cotton ball saturated with a few drops of this blend in a tiny jar or baggy.

These two oils are calming and at the same time they will perk up the senses and support memory. You can mix some in a roller bottle for older ones to carry with them in their backpack and it is perfect for applying before exams or any time when mental clarity is crucial. For those children who have some difficulty with focus and concentration, you may want to consider the blend Peaceful Child.

School can be bring some challenges both physically and mentally. Like every good mom wants to feel they have done everything they can, it is nice to know you have given them that extra little edge.

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