The Art of Selection

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doTERRA was born in 2008 out of a desire to set a higher standard for essential oils and they know the art of selection. Their certified pure therapeutic grade CPTG quality standard requires precise care in order to protect what nature has already done so perfectly. The art of selection is key.

Where an essential oil is sourced matters. The quality of an oil will be greatly effected by climate, soil conditions and environment. This company realized after much testing that where a plant is grown is the primary factor in the therapeutic value of an oil. This is why this brand stands out above the rest.

Many Factors Contribute Towards a Quality Essential Oil

The proper species and even the perfect chemotype must be chosen. A chemotype will depict the specific level of compounds in a particular species which will determine the particular health benefits that will be provided. For that reason in is important to know your plants and the various species and their compounds and at what levels they appear.

The environment is also very important. The length of the growing season, the elevation, the terrain, the moisture and even the Ph levels factor into the quality and potency of an essential oil. It is important that the correct part of the plant is used because each part has their own constituent profile. Many essential oil producers will harvest the leaves and stems in order to produce a higher yield even though the most beneficial part of the plant is as an example, the flower. Even though this could still be called a pure oil, it totally changes the composition and its therapeutic value.

doTERRA is committed to only using growers who harvest where specific species are indigenous. The artisans are expected to follow stringent growing and harvesting guidelines. This is what makes it possible to offer the purest and most potent essential oils available on the planet.

doTERRA Lavender comes from the Provence region of France. The high altitudes where it is grown allow for higher Ester & Sesquiterpene Alcohol content, increasing the therapeutic value. These specific conditions can not be found anywhere else in the world. Lavender will grow other places in the world, even here in the US, but it will not yield the same quality of oil, because precise growing conditions found in the Mediterranean can not be duplicated.

Producing essential oils of this therapeutic quality takes years of experience. It is the partnership with the artisans that makes it possible to produce the only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils of this caliber anywhere in the world.

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