Aromatic Science is Here!!


I am really excited about this because I love the science behind the essential oils.  I already know that these oils are amazing and have changed my life and the lives of my family and friends, but to see science backing it up is amazing!

So here is doTerra’s latest Aromatic Science

It was literally just launched less than a week ago, so the collection of information is still a bit small, but I know it is going to be one of the best resources we have ever had.

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8 Responses to Aromatic Science is Here!!

  1. My nephew is in hospital awaiting liver cancer surgery and would like to know the best treatment plan for him right now, his infection on part of the liver has slowed.
    DDR prime
    Is there any others you would recommend?

    Mary Miller

    • Hi Mary, so sorry about your nephew. Those are definitely the oils I would reach for.

      I did have the opportunity to speak with a man who had colon cancer. He had surgery and chemo, then it came back and metastasized in his liver. He was told he needed surgery and chemo again. He said he would do the surgery, but no chemo. He had been introduced to doTerra and was going to do that instead. He started taking 3 drops of Frank, morning and night, either under the tongue if you like it or in a capsule and has been taking ever since. It has been a couple of years now. Originally his blood tests for the cancer looked like this. 5 (which is considered normal before recurrence)–> 7 (found metastasis in liver)—> Surgery and Frankincense 5—> then .5—> then 0. The doctor couldn’t believe it, that that could happen without chemo. So far he is cancer free and his number has been 0.

      Once #s are in a good range he said he would do the 3 drops X 2 a day, if number get really low like his went to 0, he does the 3 drops just 1 x a day. During the battle he felt a full capsule of Frank twice a day was a good idea.

      Hope this helps.

  2. I’ve suggested the above but, nothing has been administered so far…

  3. Has anyone had any results with treatment of Lou Gehrig’s disease in the latter stages? We are following the protocol of the web site with not too much results. We have done aroma touch on spine and was getting a breakout and some itching. Any good ideas?

    • I do not personally have Lou Gehrig’s, but I do have Lyme Disease, which often times those of us with Lyme are screened for Lou Gehrig’s because symptoms can be so similar. In fact in my research of Lyme, many medical professionals and scientist believe at least a number of those diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s do in fact have Lyme Disease. There is an award winning documentary about Lyme Disease called “Under Our Skin” that chronicles the treatment of several individuals with Lyme. All of the stories are painful to watch, yet so encouraging to see the outcome, each told by the individual. One of them is a man who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s and I believe he was in the final stages. So having nothing to loose, he decided to be treated for Lyme using some very potent and toxic antibiotics. He made a tremendous recovery. It is really pretty neat to see his story as well as the others.

      I have taken many antibiotics in my life for the Lyme, but don’t plan to do it again, at least in the case of Lyme. I just attended a Lyme Walk in San Diego this last weekend and shared the Lyme protocol using the essential oils. Lyme mimics so many things including Lou Gehrig’s, MS (my mom has MS and was found positive for Lyme after the MS diagnosis), Parkinson’s etc. My dad had what they thought looked like Lupus and had congestive heart failure and fibromyalgia. We lost him at just 67, but believe he to probably had Lyme contracting it from my mom.

      Here is the link to that post with the Lyme protocol

      I wish all the best for you.

  4. Thanks Mary, JB

  5. Can you recommend an oil for bladder pain. The interior lining of the bladder is deteriorated caused paid all the time.

    • If you are talking bladder infection or interstitial cystitis, you might want to try in a capsule 2 drops of Frankincense, 2 drops of On Guard and 2 drops of Oregano. If it is not an infection, after infection and pain subsides, you might want to continue with just the Frankincense to help keep inflammation at bay. Hopefully you know to only use essential oils that have been certified pure before ingesting. You could also put the Frankincense right on your abdomen in the area of your bladder. If this is interstitial cystitis which I have had and it was horrible, all the pain, but not infection to get rid of, hope you feel better soon.

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