An Ounce of Prevention


Oh if I only had a dime (no nickles, cost of living increase) for every time I hear someone say, “I can not afford to eat organic, it’s just so expensive”.  To that I say, “have you checked out the cost of health care these days?”  It is usually these same people who are standing in the line at Starbucks waiting to order their Vente Salted Caramel Frappuccino. The money I spend on organic foods, the gym membership and Pilates classes is an investment in my future an investment in my health. I believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preventative health care really works.

An ounce of prevention

People who know me from decades ago, know that at one point I looked like an anorexic, with cancer, after chemo.

I was bone thin, gray in color and my hair was falling out. The pain, nausea, & fatigue were crushing. I shook all the time, had a sleep disorder, heart issues and a laundry list of other symptoms.

healthcarecosts1I have spent literally 10s of thousands of dollars & probably as many hours in doctor offices & emergency rooms. No one ever had any explanation to what I was dealing with and as I look back know I realize I had one foot in the grave.

I was a wife and a mommy to 2 little kids & I struggled, pushing through the nearly daily migraines, sometimes crawling to change diapers. After literally decades, I was finally diagnosed with tick borne illness. The treatment offered was years upon years of extremely toxic antibiotics.

I almost NEVER used antibiotics on my kids. Something about it just didn’t feel right, so the idea of years of antibiotics was not something I could ever imagine doing. Very early on vitamins & supplements became a way of life. I bought organic foods as often as we could. I remember juicing in my blender long before it became the thing to do & all you have to do today is jump online and in minutes you will find everything you need to know about juicing in minutes.

I clearly remember a very painful rash that one of my children had that the Dr. had no idea how to treat. Nothing she had tried was working. I took the initiative and started using supplements & fresh juice concoctions & the rash was gone in a couple of days, never to return. It was moments like that, that lead me to where I am today, a health & wellness coach.

As I began learning more about nutrition, it became so clear that the quality of our nutrition is critical. The more I refined our diet, the healthier I became. By far the greatest thing I have done for my health is to spend the extra money on organic foods.

Today, I have moved towards, not just organic (be sure it is certified), but also, free range grass fed dairy & meats. I use only free range organic eggs. I do not processed processed foods of any kind, not even if it is certified organic. I make everything from fresh, whole, organic scratch. I do not use non-fat dairy, because I 100% believe that if our creator had intended it to be healthier for us he would have made it that way in the first place.

Yes, it is time consuming to eat this way and I had to learn a whole new way of cooking, but the benefits are worth every moment & penny I have spent doing so. It was by way of this kind of healthy nutrition that another family member managed to recover from a medication induced reaction that made him severely ill for well over a year.

worthitsweightThere are times you need to see a doctor. Holistic Health Practitioners are physicians you will want to seek out. They are worth their weight in gold. They understand the importance of nutrition & while they are sometimes not covered by your insurance plan, it is worth seeing one as often as you can. I have a fabulous Dr. who is covered by my health insurance and after running labs, she gave me a list of foods and supplements, instead of a handful of prescriptions to help my body manage some the tiny issues I have left to work on.

Today, I am healthier than I was at 20, 30 or even 40 and I must say I look a whole lot better too. Recently a friend told me that her husband had said, “you know, I think Becky looks better now, then she did when she was young”, and we go way, way back. I think so too. I can feel it!

Another tool I use is massage and I invest in them regularly. A massage is so much more than relaxation or working out those tension knots in your shoulders. Massage helps to release toxins and increases blood flow to move toxins out. Massages are much more affordable than they used to be. There are even some membership places that make have regular massages quite affordable.

We use a chiropractor & a physical therapist regularly too. We have been seeing them both for over 20 years. Don’t know how I could have made it this far without them

sleep5 (2)

Spend some quality time sleeping. It to is also an investment in your health. I try to get 8-10 hours every night. You may say I can’t afford that much time on sleeping though. Look at it this way, when you are constantly exhausted, brain is heavy with fog, how much are you really able to accomplish? How productive are you and how is the quality of your work?

You may feel as if you are doing nothing while sleeping, but your body is hard at work. Sleep has a progression and there is a healing phase, that is preceded by different levels of sleep. If you do not spend enough time sleeping, you will cut that healing phase short. Without it, your muscles, organs & immune system will be unable to repair themselves and damage done on a daily basis will compound. Inflammation due to damage will become chronic and inflammation is at the root of almost every illness. Invest the time in sleep.

As we grow older the cost of healthcare tends to go up and up. Caring for your health now may prevent you from spending your hard earned retirement funds on astronomical health costs.

We live longer today, yet longer is not always better if you don’t feel good and are just existing. You only have one body, care for it. The investment into your health will be like money in the bank.

May you live a happy, long and productive life.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The recommendations above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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